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Tacography of Long Beach

Diligent investigative reporting has uncovered that, as of the writing of this article, the number of taquerias in Long Beach currently stands at 47. My intentions are to review them all. Make no mistake: This isn’t one of those wimpy best-of listicles. No readers, I will be patronizing every single[Read More…]

CSULB student-entrepreneurs risk more than money

The million-dollar idea may be an abstract concept, but for some young entrepreneurs at California State University, Long Beach, it’s a reality that hinges on diligence and dedication. “The reason I’m here at my age is probably because I’ve made more mistakes than anybody that you know or that’s currently[Read More…]

New treasurer is gold

She is able to balance school, her three children and her sanity with grace. She wears the essence of hard-worker on her sleeve. Diligent, powerful and tenacious are a few words that describe the veteran, mother and newly-elected California State University, Long Beach Associated Students, Inc. Treasurer Wendy Lewis. Sitting[Read More…]

Gone astray

Life can be like a game of chutes and ladders. One wrong move and it’s straight to the bottom of the board. Terri Hayes learned that the hard way. But now, she’s making the climb back to the top— one rung at a time, one day at a time. Terri[Read More…]

SoCal Corgi Nation hoard Huntington Beach

The stub-legged swarm of Welsch hounds waddled into Huntington Dog Beach, dragging their bellies in the sand for SoCal’s Corgi Nation’s ninth event on Saturday. Founded by a Long Beach-based married couple in October 2012, the community organization coordinates four meet-ups per year that include meet and greets with the[Read More…]

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