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Finding a seat at the table

Eight — nights in jail, one for every time they caught him at the border. Six — students sitting at “the table for outcasts” back when he couldn’t speak much English. Three — younger siblings watching him become the first in his family to finish college. One —undocumented immigrant named Jose[Read More…]

Kind and concrete

A curly, brown-haired six-year-old smiled to herself as she ran her fingers through the warm park sand. The bright-eyed, joyful girl turned to pour the sand into her bucket, but it wasn’t there. A grown woman held her bucket, chewing on the handle. She ran to her mother, scared and[Read More…]

Flavor Focus: The Funnel House

Need a restaurant with unique desserts for that special day out? The Funnel House is a great place to enjoy delicious handcrafted treats on any occasion! The Funnel House specializes in original recipe items that include fresh funnel cakes, churros, cookies, ice cream sandwiches and much more. In 2005, co-owners[Read More…]

Flavor Focus: Saddle Ranch

Pretending to be a celebrity by waving openly from the outdoor patio area at passing tour buses, is an understandable side effect of dining at the Saddle Ranch on Sunset Boulevard. Upon arrival, free valet parking followed by entering an entirely Western themed bar and restaurant, adorned in everything wooden,[Read More…]

Flavor Focus: Sconeage Bakery

No one really talks about scones that much. Cookies, cupcakes and all the other glamorous baked goods somehow just steal all the attention. And Starbuck’s version of a scone, which is basically just a giant glazed cookie, isn’t helping the pastry’s image much. I was opened to the possibilities of[Read More…]

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