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Catching dreams with Neverwonder

Nominated for the Los Angeles Music award, the band Neverwonder shares their pride with each other, evolving from American Idol to their latest CD, “Let It Out.” They have also performed dozens of concerts including the recent Long Beach Unity Festival. Megan Bobo, lead singer, was a top 25 finalist[Read More…]

Unprecedented ‘Princess’ falls short

Disney’s newest film, “The Princess and the Frog,” takes on a classic fairy tale that is sure to grab audiences’ attention with its modern twist. But have no fear, for those who enjoy the traditional happily ever after ending, this movie has it all. Movie directors Ron Clements and John[Read More…]

Struggle, escape pervade Red 9’s debut

Red 9, an indie rock band from Southern California, adds another alternative/grunge album to the popular mixed genre’s list. The full-length debut album titled “The Host” contains eight songs, all of which sound like cookie-cutter grunge rather than alternative. The band begins its album with a slow drumbeat in the[Read More…]

‘Current Nobody’ takes modern odyssey

Cal State Long Beach’s play “Current Nobody” opened with a full wave of melancholy at the Queen Mary. The play, originally written by Melissa James Gibson and directed by John Langs, is an adaptation of Homer’s “The Odyssey,” focusing on Od (David Vegh), his wife Pen (Sarah Underwood) and their[Read More…]

Not enough risks by dance department

While “Requiem and Other Dances” presented moments of brilliant choreography and performance, overall it seemed rather complacent in its efforts. Cal State Long Beach’s Department of Dance has a strong regional reputation. The department’s talent was on display this past weekend works with from faculty members Andrew Vaca, Lorin Johnson,[Read More…]

Norah Jones changes up formula for fourth release

Norah Jones adds diverse instrumentation in her fourth album to make it a delicately beautiful purchase for the holidays. Although Jones doesn’t make any especially dramatic changes to her soft jazz music in her newest album, “The Fall,” the electric guitar buzzes and upbeat drums contribute a passionate energy, which[Read More…]

Requiem and Other Dances: ballet at The Beach

Cal State Long Beach presents “Requiem and Other Dances” choreographed by a well-known teacher from Julliard. The program’s mission is to unite different cultures. Alongside one of the dance department’s professors, Susan McLain, Jacqulyn Buglisi will present her 2001 choreographic work in ballet. Buglisi and McLain worked together with the[Read More…]

Conflicts with holy war in paperback

“The Book of Walla,” written by M. Ram Krishn, takes place in the fictional city of Tazbul, where religious conflict is rampant. The book seeks to bring a deeper understanding to the strife between religions. In a time when religious tension and holy wars are part of our daily news[Read More…]

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