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Local filmmaker invites you to celebrate Halloween in July

Listening to funky music and dressing up in costumes isn’t only reserved for the eve of Halloween. Aspiring film producer, Damian J. Apunte teamed up with the Long Beach Cinematheque to host ‘Halloween in July,’ a fundraiser for Apunte’s latest film, “Soma.” Hailing from North Carolina, Apunte moved to Long[Read More…]

Tribute bands do battle in Downtown Long Beach

Walking up to Rainbow Harbor on Pine and Shoreline Drive in Downtown Long Beach on Saturday, screams, guitar shreds and booming drums gradually grew to the noise level of a full-blown heavy metal concert while the Iron Maidens, an all-female Iron Maiden tribute band, started into their second song of[Read More…]

Enter the “sixth dimension” at the Art Theater

For the upcoming 30th anniversary screening of the cult musical, “Forbidden Zone,” Richard Elfman and Long Beach’s Rocky Horror Midnight Insanity cast have joined forces to pull all the stops. Like many cult classics, “Forbidden Zone,” is not known for its plot, but rather for its quirky qualities and funky[Read More…]

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