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Flavor Focus: Sconeage Bakery

No one really talks about scones that much. Cookies, cupcakes and all the other glamorous baked goods somehow just steal all the attention. And Starbuck’s version of a scone, which is basically just a giant glazed cookie, isn’t helping the pastry’s image much. I was opened to the possibilities of[Read More…]

Timberlake is bringing Myspace back

A sentence that once seemed implausible has now become a reality: I just signed into Myspace with my Facebook account. For most people, Myspace is a distant memory of a prototypical social network that was basically a glorified blog with an obnoxious amount of customizability. Now, years after Facebook and[Read More…]

Give a Grinch a goofy gift

  Grow your own coffee Know any coffee addicts who are tried of buying $6 cups of coffee at Starbucks?  Some people take pride in brewing their own beer, but how many people can say they’ve made and roasted their own coffee beans? This gift will help somebody grow their own[Read More…]

The best and worst of the 2012 VMAs

This years MTV Video Music Awards aired live from Staples Center last Thursday. Although the breakaway from a traditional Sunday air date, and competition from the Democratic National Convention may have caused a drop in ratings compared to last year’s show, several key moments stood out as exceptionally memorable, whether[Read More…]

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