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‘Sticks and Stones’ but no harmed bones

Rotten wood, broken bricks and rusty metal are a typical list of materials that provide inspiration for Danté Cox’s, Cal State Long Beach junior sculpture and fine arts major, current exhibit, “Sticks and accidents.” “It is not as interesting if everything is figured out,” she said. Currently, Cox is experimenting[Read More…]

Paleyfest to screen, host TV favorites

Comic Con has always been the go-to convention for geek culture, but now television fanatics in the Los Angeles-area finally have something specific to their interests. The Paley Center for Media’s annual Paleyfest is coming up, and it is a TV fan’s dream. Every year, the Paley Center for Media[Read More…]

Doug Varone and Dancers wow the Carpenter Center

The New York based company Dough Varone and Dancers came to the Carpenter Center on Saturday delighting the audience with a pleasing blend of balletic grace and modern movement. Varone opened the show with “Lux”, a soothing and melodic piece to watch. The moon sits in the background above the[Read More…]

Art galleries show brains, inaudible speech

The weekly student art galleries offer a multitude of visual art from students. Pieces this week range from acrylic paint on campus to graphite on paper and high-definition video. This week in the Werby gallery, Masood Kamandy’s  “Unspoken Portrait” draws attention as the only live-action portrait in the gallery that[Read More…]

‘Loving Repeating’ musically shares Stein

“Loving Repeating” showcases the arts, love and T.S. Eliot with pre-Whoville lyrical intellect at the International City Theatre. The musical’s West Coast premiere showcases Stephen Flaherty and Frank Galati’s 33 musical numbers based on the late Gertrude Stein’s post-WWI era and Dublin-set writings about the lost generation and similar modern-day[Read More…]

‘Streetlight’ shines for ska

While many would say that ska is dead, the energetic crowd at The House of Blues in Anaheim on Thursday would argue otherwise. Ska band Streetlight Manifesto headlined the sold-out show, with supporting acts The Supervillains, The Wonder Years and Dan Potthast. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar and Buddy Holly-style[Read More…]

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