Any news pertaining to the CSU system as a whole, not just CSULB. This includes news that affects all of the universities in the CSU system.

Jury rejects student lawsuit against the CSU

A San Francisco Superior Court ruled that the California State University system fee increases are “fair” to students. The court voted 9-3 against the lawsuit that was originally filed by undergraduate students in 2009, according to the CSU Board of Trustees agenda. The students filed the lawsuit after the CSU[Read More…]

Shedding light on intellectual property

Concerns regarding patent and copy write laws in the classroom will be addressed during Thursday’s California State University Senate meeting. The ongoing conversation in the senate regarding intellectual property focuses on digital course materials for online classes. Tracey Mayfield, the associate dean at the university library, said that she has[Read More…]

Smoking out the answers: Will CSULB ban tobacco?

If enforced, California State University, Long Beach’s smoking ban will be the first in the California State University system to be mandated by the student population. Other CSU’s have enacted campus-wide smoking bands in previous years; however, none have been passed through a student vote. CSU Fullerton and San Francisco[Read More…]

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