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Attendance beneficial to learning

There are plenty of fun things to do in Long Beach, and for many students, going to class is at the bottom of the list. “They really don’t want to go to class because we live right by the beach,” said Laura Kintz, a senior kinesiology major. Whether or not[Read More…]

Alexander addresses 2006 Convocation

Cal State Long Beach President F. King Alexander told a crowd of about a 1,000 that the university should raise more money, significantly enhance the living, learning and teaching environments of the campus, and provide affordable housing options for staff and faculty at the 2006 Annual Convocation Friday. Alexander also[Read More…]

New company offers textbook options

As the fall semester approaches, the usual talk about the high price of textbooks is a common conversation among many college students. A new approach for combating the problem of paying for expensive books is being offered by a new startup company, Freeload Press. The small St. Paul, Minn. publisher[Read More…]

High textbook prices still a major problem

With the rising cost of tuition, many college students are finding ways to cut down on expenses. One common gripe among students is the cost of textbooks, the backbones of most courses. Some students look for used books or previous editions of a newly-revised text. Others swap with friends, but[Read More…]

‘Doing dishes, laundry’ is part of off-campus living

Many students do not realize living alone for the first time comes with a long list of responsibilities. Students do not have to worry about paying for the Internet, cable and groceries while living in the dorms or at home with parents, Stan Olin, director of Housing and Residential Life,[Read More…]

AAC assist students for graduation

The Academic Advising Center (AAC), located next to the University Library, has moved to the Steve and Nini Horn Center due to library construction. It will continue to provide services to Cal State Long Beach students. While students are aware of the center, only a few can identify all of[Read More…]

The Beach suffers power shortages

Cal State Long Beach has recently endured two power outages, something that has not occurred for several years, according to Scott Charmack, Associate Vice-President for Physical Planning and Facilities Management at CSULB. He acknowledged that power outages can occur in a myriad of ways, but CSULB is quite prepared for[Read More…]

Employers check MySpace profiles regularly

It’s not even noon yet, and Hillary McKenna a senior majoring in journalism, is not only trying to finish her reading and get ready for work, but she is checking her MySpace messages simultaneously on her Sidekick. “I’m on MySpace constantly,” McKenna said. “It helps me plan out my day[Read More…]

Male nursing students increase at CSULB

Despite stereotypes of male nurses, male enrollment in the nursing program at Cal State Long Beach has increased. According to Loucine Huckabay, director and professor of the nursing program, the increase in enrollment is because of diminishing stereotypes and the opportunities offered by the nursing program. Huckabay said the stereotype[Read More…]

Children enjoy fun activities at 49er Camp

While it may seem the Cal State Long Beach campus is emptier and quieter during the summer sessions, the sound of children playing sports, swimming and otherwise enjoying the summer fills lower campus where 49er Camp is held daily Monday through Friday in the campus physical education areas. Swimming, golf,[Read More…]

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