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Voting guide- city and county measures

Measure G-Long Beach Utility Users tax modernization measure If passed, this measure would help preserve funding for City services including police and fire protection, paramedic and emergency response, street maintenance, parks, youth services and libraries by updating the existing Utilities Users Tax to all forms of telephone communication including future[Read More…]

Diversifying the American musical spectrum

Althea Waites remembers the days when black people were forced to sit behind screens on buses and use separate restrooms. Today, she brings music composed by minorities to the world’s attention.   Waites, 69, is a classical pianist who has performed in Europe, Asia and across the United States. She is also a[Read More…]

Our vote

The national numbers of Americans ages 18-24 voting in presidential elections hasn’t topped 50 percent since 1972, but many predict that this record may be topped tomorrow. “A lot of people feel their vote doesn’t count,” said Donald Pogue, a Cal State Long Beach history major who voted early in[Read More…]

Debate over proper textbook rental rates continues

With the ASI Senate resolution regarding the Textbook Rental Program written, it’s only a matter of time before a decision regarding the program is reached. The Senate reviewed the resolution to support the Textbook Rental Program at this Wednesday’s meeting. The Textbook Rental Program would allow students to rent textbooks[Read More…]

Debate on 8 erupts

A crowd of Proposition 8 opponents chanted “No on 8” in an attempt to mute the voice of George “Brother Jed” Smock on Wednesday in front of the Cal State Long Beach University Bookstore. The Women’s Studies Student Association (WSSA) along with other supporters began to protest against the afternoon[Read More…]

Will California buy a railway to heaven?

Proponents of Proposition 1A envision high-speed trains running between San Francisco and San Diego, but concerns about funding could derail the idea. If passed, Proposition 1A would partially fund a high-speed rail system by authorizing a $9.95-billion bond measure. The bond would cost the state about $19.4 billion after gaining[Read More…]

Dealing with the national debt

Students received contrasting messages from the fiscally-frightening documentary “IOUSA” and the proceeding panel discussion with Cal State Long Beach professors, who reassured students that national debt, to a point, is necessary. The film, shown on Tuesday night in the USU Beach Auditorium,  deals with the U.S. financial situation and urges[Read More…]

Panel discusses election influences

State propositions on Nov. 4 ballots regarding social issues important to conservative voters could cause a spike in the number of Republicans heading to the polls on Election Day, a panel of Cal State Long Beach political science professors said Tuesday. Professor Jason Whitehead said propositions regarding the constitutionality of[Read More…]

Under the tents

Campus vendors fight fluctuating sales, but manage to keep their heads afloat. Chris Chan — owner of the Vena company, which sells fashion accessories — said his business has seen a 25 percent drop in sales compared to last semester. He has accommodated this trend by buying less merchandise from[Read More…]

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