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Our View – Democratic voters may get suckered

Democratic voters might get suckered into voting for State Treasurer Phil Angelides come November because of his new promise to rid Iraq of California’s National Guard. Don’t be one of them. Angelides has, from day one, ridiculed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for his rocky friendship with President George W. Bush, and[Read More…]

CFA gives Gov. Arnold ‘a failing grade’

The California Faculty Association (CFA) held a news conference Wednesday to launch its new anti-Arnold Schwarze-negger campaign titled “Flunk Arnold.” “We are here today because Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has failed the Cal State educational system,” said Lillian Taiz, vice president of the CFA and professor at Cal State Los Angeles.[Read More…]

CSULB follow its leaders to mountain Teamwork retreat

Students and faculty members will pack up their flashlights and sleeping bags and head to the mountains for the 24th annual Teamwork Leadership retreat from Oct. 6 to 8 at YMCA Camp Arbolado in the San Bernardino National Forest. The theme for this year’s weekend trip will be “Cross-Cultural Communication.”[Read More…]

LBPD reports sexual assault at LBCC

The Long Beach Police Department reported a woman was sexually assaulted in the women’s bathroom at Long Beach City College Tuesday, according to A woman was in the bathroom stall of a women’s restroom in Building D on the LAC Campus of LBCC when “the suspect forced his way[Read More…]

Students protest against use of sweatshop labor

Several Cal State Long Beach students are working alongside the Campus Progressives and the Sociology Students Association to form a campaign against the use of sweatshops. One focus of the campaign will be targeted toward the 49er Shops, as well as any vendor that CSULB permits to sell items on[Read More…]

Organization fights HIV, drug abuse

More than 2.8 million people died from AIDS in 2005 worldwide, 38.6 million people living with AIDS worldwide and the numbers are rising, according to But Project Choice is a program on campus that promotes AIDS awareness as well as substance abuse awareness. The program’s goal is to make[Read More…]

Students pay respects at memorial

Several students and faculty gathered at the Vietnam memorial on South Campus at Cal State Long Beach to commemorate National Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) day on Friday. Troy Johnson, the president’s adviser on veteran affairs, discussed the importance of remembering those who were lost in war. “This is[Read More…]

Meningitis not typical problem for dorms

The residence halls at Cal State Long Beach house more than 1,900 students, most rooms with double occupancy. Prior to moving into the dorms, students were informed of meningococcal disease (meningitis), a contagious and rapidly progressive illness that can be contracted when living in close quarters and treated with a[Read More…]

CSULB prepares for future earthquakes

When senior biology major Joel Rago was asked if he would feel safe at Cal State Long Beach during a large earthquake, his reply was simple: “I feel rather safe, the walls seems pretty strong and big.” Rago admits not knowing about what kind of a shape the campus is[Read More…]

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