Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are opeds from outside people that are given to the 49er to run.

Letter to the editor: Ban the Abortion Fort

I am writing in response to the opinion article in Monday’s copy of the Daily 49er called, “Ban the abortion fort.”  I have just one question: If the pictures are scarring and viewers are uncomfortable, wouldn’t your next thought be “why?”  Why the negative reactions? There must be something disturbing[Read More…]

Long Beach renters need more rights

The story, “Long Beach renters want more protection” by Branden Raulston printed on Feb. 3 highlighted the fact that tenants often have to deal with slow response times and out-of-pocket expenses for repairs with landlords who do not fix things on time. Many renters such as Alex Giaque wish they[Read More…]

Letters to the Editor

What if an election were held and nobody turned out? That’s essentially what happened back in 2007, when the Student Recreation and Wellness Center was approved by just 6 percent of students. 94 percent of students didn’t vote at all. On Feb. 25 and 26, students will be asked to approve a[Read More…]

Letter to the editor: parking on campus

Dear 49er Editor, Greg Diaz’s recent article “Free the Parking Lots” alludes to the parking problem on campus, which has not had a credible solution in the twenty-nine years I have been teaching at CSULB.  The brainpower of five university presidents in that time has only made minimal and superficial[Read More…]

Letter from a former editor

After some four decades tucked away in a subterranean corner of Cal State Long Beach, the Daily 49er is finally heading to higher ground. In the coming weeks, the campus newspaper of record will be leaving its longtime home in the Social Sciences/Public Administration Building basement and moving to another[Read More…]

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