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This Week In Cartoons-Indira Carmona

Imagine your car breaks down and you’re forced to spend four hours a day on Los Angeles’ bad public transportation system to get to school. On top of that, you must use every single paycheck to cover food, rent and bus money — your school ID is only good for[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,I understand that the full color flyer inserted into Monday’s paper was a paid ad against abortion. However, the only identifying feature was the website Nucleus Medical Art from which the images were taken. I believe there is a law that requires that political ads must carry the name[Read More…]

Muslim right short on blamable presidents

On Jan. 30, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer of The Washington Post wrote a column criticizing aspects of President Barack Obama’s outreach to foreign Muslims. While I agree with some of his points, in other ways he makes errors in reasoning that conservatives commonly seem to make. Specifically, he took exception[Read More…]

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