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Family planning aid helps global youth

You may have heard about President Barack Obama recently lifting the policy that forbade organizations that receive U.S. aid from disseminating information about or providing abortions abroad. What you may not have heard was the praise by many who study population issues in the developing world. The explosive population growth[Read More…]

Octuplets; Miserable road to fame

You go home after a long day, flip on the tube and are greeted by more types of reality shows than you can count. Anyone can become famous today if they try hard enough; you could be on “The Real World,” “The Amazing Race” or even a show about having[Read More…]

Israelis right in defending citizens

After a three week offensive in Gaza, Israel pulled troops out and the two sides have commenced a fragile ceasefire. Though it is difficult to foresee how long this truce will last, it is an issue that has become all too familiar in the Middle East. The United States has[Read More…]

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