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Former administration duped the world

We now have a new president and, hopefully, a new chapter in American history will begin. I still, however bristle when I look back on the lies that were told to justify the invasion of Iraq. There is no more despicable thing that a president and his administration can do[Read More…]

Shortened academic year too risky

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has lacked the leadership California has needed for more than five years. When the “Governator” entered office in 2003, he inherited enormous debt. His efforts to minimize this debt proved futile when overspending skyrocketed California into a whopping $42 billion debt. While Cal State Long Beach students[Read More…]

Texting modernizes ad potentiality

Remember all those Friday morning classes during your freshmen year? You’d walk through discarded party flyers filled with colorful pictures and half naked bodies promoting bars, clubs and social events. Well, times have changed. Text messaging and social media have become the new trend in advertising all over America. Many[Read More…]

Gaza peace not in near future

By now you’ve heard plenty about the ceased Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip that resulted in many civilian casualties. What you didn’t hear, however, is just as startling. The silence of protesters was deafening when Hamas was firing rockets on a regular basis into southern Israel, making life[Read More…]

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