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Pakistan stability marginal at best

In July, U.S. military officials presented Pakistani officials with evidence linking the covert arm of the Pakistani military, known as Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), with a pro-Taliban network in Afghanistan that had bombed the Indian embassy in Kabul on July 7. Other evidence presented included information that the ISI has given[Read More…]

Let’s speak sex positive

Nasty. That was my first thought when my mother told me about sex. I was going around for a week saying “sexy” this “sexy” that, when my mom sat me down and laid it all out for me. She told me it was OK to call someone sexy as long[Read More…]

Mid-East nuclear build up endangers world

While catching up on my news this weekend, I came across an article that was all at once humorous and horrifying, simultaneously asinine and arrogant, to such an extent that I felt I had to quell my involuntary laughter, or risk making light of events, which for all intents and[Read More…]

This Week In Cartoons-No on Proposition 8

As I walked around campus, I came across a poster for KBeach’s “Sex @ The Beach.” The poster depicted the silhouettes of a couple that pretty much described the theme of the show; sexuality. I must confess that I’m not an avid KBeach listener. For this I apologize to the[Read More…]

Number of COVID-19 cases in Long Beach

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