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Our View – U.S. not to blame for Darfur apathy

The ongoing atrocities in Sudan are undoubtedly tragic and, according to Secretary-General Kofi Annan, they’re only going to get worse. According to an article in the Oct. 6 issue of the Los Angeles Times, Sudan has warned the global community that sending United Nations peacekeeping troops to quell the problem[Read More…]

Our View – Cause for celebration, population grows

So have any of you seen the adorable Gerber ads on TV? The ones with the interracial babies, the soft lullaby breezing through the background, an ad created to make even the most emotionally void weep a little inside. These ads aren’t for babies or baby food. No, they are[Read More…]

Our View – Research needed to solve shootings

The past week has been a difficult one for people across the nation, especially parents. The recent violence at children’s schools is cause for serious alarm, not merely because of the fact there was violence in a place where children should feel comfortable and safe, but because of the nature[Read More…]

Our View – Foley example of Republican hypocrisy

Until recently, Mark Foley was the former Republican member of the House of Representatives, hailing from the 16th District of Florida. Foley, ironically, also happened to be the co-chair of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. But last Friday, Sept. 29, for good reason, Foley resigned his seat[Read More…]

Our View – Shoes embody shift to ultra-capitalism

Birkenstocks were once associated with the countercultural movement of the ’60s, adorning the feet of the few hippies who weren’t barefoot and refused to contribute to that which was ultra-capitalistic and “resisted the man.” But now these shoes have recently taken on a new meaning. Now the classic style of[Read More…]

Our View – German opera censoring goes too far

Opera is generally associated with stuffy men wearing top hats and monocles, women with deep chortles fanning themselves and an overwhelming sense of the profundity of life – not offending Muslims. But according to an article in the United Kingdom’s The Times online edition Sept. 27, an opera house in[Read More…]

Our View – Oprah Winfrey’s career appreciated

Oh, Oprah. She is literally the walking, talking American dream. Watch her as she steps on stage, her hair and makeup immaculate, sporting that luxurious cashmere sweater and hand-beaded skirt. Her $400 stiletto heels click as she slowly makes her way on stage. The audience explodes in fits of giggles[Read More…]

Our View – Princeton stops early admissions policy

The general consensus last week was, “Well, if Harvard’s doing it, we all probably should,” when Harvard announced that it would abandon the early admissions program. It has been said that this program puts low-income students at a major disadvantage. After Harvard made this major change, Princeton was right behind[Read More…]

Our View – Photographer’s incarceration unjust

Freedom of speech and expression is something that is extremely cherished among Americans. Whether we express our love for it consciously by speaking about it and its need for expansion, or inadvertently honor it by simply using it as a means to speak our minds, Americans love freedom of speech[Read More…]

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