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How “Dies Irae” takes you back to the Salem witch trials

The animated short film “Dies Irae,” by Long Beach State graduate Rianna Liu is a revenge fantasy that takes place during the Salem witch trials.

The story centers around a young girl trying to save her dying brother during a time of unrest. Liu’s thesis film is still technically incomplete, with some scenes in the movie not fully animated, but Liu continued with the project as the theme of the film is something that she is connected to.

After CSULB, Liu was a story trainee at DreamWorks TV for three months, shadowing a director on the TV show “Spirit: Riding Free.” From there, Liu worked on two more shows (Cleopatra in Space and Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous) and was promoted from storyboard revisionist to storyboard artist.

Video by Abel Reyes

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