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4-Hours in South Pasadena

A city that shows the passing of every season, from the color of the trees to the changes in the window art at every storefront. Walking through South Pasadena, you’ll find that everything is well within walking distance. And if you’re looking for somewhere to start, just take a stroll down Mission Street.

Milk Tea, People Watching and Oversized Jeans 2 p.m.

A prime spot for people watching and good milk tea, the ambiance inside of TeaMorrow is convincing enough for most to stay. The large window panes accompanied by the sounds of Indie music will set you at ease before you even take your first sip of tea. Located next door to TeaMorrow is South Pas Vintage, where one can stop by to view the wall art or purchase something new and old.

A Cinephiles Dream 3 p.m.

Cross the street and enter Vidéothèque, a DVD and video rental store with an assortment of vinyl. If you’re a cinephile, this is the place for you. Talk shop with the workers or browse their extensive DVD collection.

Visiting the home of Michael Myers 4 p.m.

Mission Street is also home to the original house used in John Carpenter’s film, Halloween. Although you can’t enter the house, visitors are welcome to enjoy the house from a distance.

Reminiscing about Lady Bird 5 p.m.

If that doesn’t satiate your inner film geek, then visit Kaldi Coffee & Tea; the same café used in Greta Gerwig’s 2017 film, Lady Bird. You won’t find Timothée Chalamet there, but they do serve a mean cup of coffee.

A History Lesson and Fresh Produce 6 p.m.

And for any history buffs out there, stop by the South Pasadena Historical Museum to learn more about the home of the first ostrich farm in the United States. The museum aligns its hours of operation with the farmers market that happens just outside its doors from 3-8 p.m. every Thursday. The farmers market is home to some of the freshest produce from local growers. And for those with a green thumb, there are vendors with a variety of tropical plants to choose from.

With a multitude of things to do and sights to see, South Pasadena has something for everyone.

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