Off the Record S3E2: Finding identity and art in the LGBTQ+ community

In this episode of Off the Record, host Leila Nunez invites three CSULB students to discuss their opinions on being members of the LGBTQ+ community as artists and young adults.

Abbey Toler, Manny Madera, and Coda Marcus are all part of Theatre Threshold, a student-run CSULB arts program. All three are currently a part of the production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, playing throughout the first two weeks of November. Buy your tickets here.

Listen to the episode:

This podcast is an opinions podcast. Opinions expressed by the guests and the host are their own.

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Host: Leila Nunez

Guests: Abbey Toler, Manny Madera, Coda Marcus

Edited by: Leila Nunez

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