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Beach Weekly S10E7: Women’s resources on campus, Greece train collision & more

In Season 10: Episode 7 of Beach Weekly, host Lei Madrigal covers the latest stories locally, nationally, and worldwide.

The Women’s and Gender Equity Center on Long Beach State campus educates students on gender and gender inequalities. Within the organization are more focused programs like the Transgender Student Health Services group and Pregnant and Parenting Students program. The Women’s and Gender Equity Center can be found at room 240 of the Student Success Center.

Long Beach plans to fully reopen three libraries that were limited to to-go services only for the last seven months. The Alamitos Neighborhood library reopened on Feb. 21 and the other two libraries, the Brewitt and Dana Neighborhood libraries, are scheduled to reopen March 7.

A mostly 3D printed rocket created in Long Beach by aerospace company Relativity Space will be launched March 8 in Florida. Those interested can watch a livestream of the event on the company’s YouTube channel.

After California’s particularly wet season, the California Department of Water Resources is considering creating a tunnel that could capture rainwater in the north and carry it to the south. However, introducing this new infrastructure would have consequences on the environment. The department wants to make a decision by the end of this year to prepare for the future.

The fate of Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan is uncertain after the Supreme Court’s conservative majority questioned the Biden administration’s authority to completely cancel student loans. The court met last Tuesday to begin their discussion and a decision will issued by June.

A passenger train and a freight train collided head-on in Greece last week leaving 57 people dead and 48 hospitalized. Human error is to blame for the collision as a station manager advised one of the drivers to ignore a red light that would have let the other train pass.

For headlines, our host discusses the strange operation of Microsoft’s new AI search engine and TikTok’s latest feature that limits teenagers to an hour of time on the app daily.

Host: Lei Madrigal

Editor: Andy Nguyen

Producers: Leila Nunez, Isabel Silagy

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