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Beach Weekly S10E10: Wedding at a Taylor Swift concert, TikTok congressional hearing & more

In Season 10: Episode 10 of Beach Weekly, Lei Madrigal discusses the latest headlines from around the United States.

California governor Gavin Newsom has revealed plans to transform the San Quentin state prison into a rehabilitation center for inmates. The ultimate goal of the plan is to provide inmates with skills and opportunities for when they leave the facility to re-enter their communities.

A couple married in the audience at a Taylor Swift concert. The bride brought along her maid of honor who was recently ordained just for this occasion. As Taylor started singing one of her intimate, acoustic songs, the couple was legally married.

Earlier this month, singer Jason Derulo left a surprise $5,000 tip on top of a $760 bill for a waiter in Omaha, Nebraska. The singer did it out of pure appreciation for the waiter that night who said the $5,000 will go towards paying for a semester of college.

An 80-year old Cherokee nation citizen has run a 5k everyday since March 24, 2020 for over 1,000 days in a row. She doesn’t plan to break her streak any time soon.

Last week, the CEO of TikTok Zi Chew was questioned before Congress about topics including the Chinese government’s relationship with TikTok and data privacy. The hearing was yet another demonstration of how Congress knows little about the internet as Congress members asked bad questions, including whether or not TikTok connected to WiFi.

Six Flags announced new offerings that will come with the amusement park’s annual Spring Break event. The event is called Scream Break and features new haunted attractions and exclusive, after-hours access to certain rides. It runs from March 23 to April 16.

Host: Lei Madrigal

Editor: Andy Nguyen

Producers: Leila Nunez, Isabel Silagy

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