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Daily 49er News: 10-23-13

This week, Daily 49er’s radio show covers the government’s website woes.  Obama apologizes for healthcare.gov not allowing most users to enroll for health insurance.  If your still confused about how to get insurance, we reported on a series of presentations by the CSU Health Education Program that could help answer student’s questions.

We also discuss recent support measures for disabled members of the LGBT community in Long Beach.

In worldwide news; Daily 49er gives the latest on a Nevada school shooting, tax form processing problems and Australian wildfires.

Assistant Sports Editor Daniel Astle and Anita Wang, Daily 49er staff reporter, talk about CSULB’s chances with their upcoming volleyball games.

Enedina covers entertainment news with celebrity engagements and Halloween celebrations.

Shane Newell, Opinions Editor, comes on to give 49er’s views on campus skateboarding, e-cigarette use and  LA Unified moving students based on their language skills.

Aired on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013, at 8 am. on Kbeach.org & the free Kbeach mobile app.

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