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Daily 49er News: 11-13-13

America celebrated Veteran’s Day on Monday, and Daily 49er reported on a group who has felt unappreciated for their sacrifices given in military service – Filipino-American veterans.  We sent out new reporter Carolina Solorio with Enedina Cisneros to cover a rally in Hollywood promoting Filipino-Americans who’ve served with the US military.

Speaking of the Filipino community, we also give an update on the relief efforts going into the Philippines following the super storm that recently ravaged the islands.  A team of  15 El Segundo based military retirees; mainly firefighters, nurses, and paramedics; spent their Veterans Day setting up a makeshift hospital in Tacloban, one of the hardest hit areas of the Philippines.  Long Beach’s Filipino community is also gathering to discuss what sort of donations would be most helpful for those recovering.

In other news, LA Times reported that the Latino community continues to graduate  in lower rates from with higher education degrees than other ethnicities.  We reached out to Edy Hernandez, a contributing writer for the Daily 49er who recently wrote a story on the subject, to discuss his experiences of attending universities and the pressures felt at home.

As usual, we get the latest updates in sports from Jason Clark, Sports Editor.  Shane Newell, Opinions Editor, stopped in to discuss the paper’s views on CSU system’s funding and LBCC announcement of higher costs for impacted classes.

Enedina wraps up the show with wit targeted at Hollywood’s class and trash.

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