CFA gives Gov. Arnold ‘a failing grade’

The California Faculty Association (CFA) held a news conference Wednesday to launch its new anti-Arnold Schwarze-negger campaign titled “Flunk Arnold.”

“We are here today because Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has failed the Cal State educational system,” said Lillian Taiz, vice president of the CFA and professor at Cal State Los Angeles. “If we could give him a grade, it would be an ‘F.'”

With the launch of this new campaign sponsored by the Faculty for Our University’s Future, California State University students will be given the opportunity to submit a 30-second video on why they think the governor has not supported the CSU system.

The winner will be announced and broadcasted on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” as well as win a year’s paid tuition to his or her respective CSU.

The CFA, which consists of 22,000 teachers, counselors, librarians and coaches in the CSU system, is also looking for what it considers to be the best anti-Arnold Web site. The winner in this category will also receive a year’s paid tuition.

“Finally at CSU, it is our turn to do the grading and flunk Arnold,” said sophomore and nursing major Nina Delavin. “Students’ interests are not on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s agenda,” said Mexican-American studies major Kenya Barbosa from Cal State Los Angeles.

Since Gov. Schwarzenegger took office, student fees have increased by 76 percent, according to the CFA.

“It makes me wonder, what is enough? Is there such a thing and when will it stop?” Barbosa said.

Using the success and popularity of such Web sites as and, the goal of the CFA is to utilize students’ creativity and enable them to express their thoughts on politics with the incentive of winning free tuition.

“Not often do 18 to 25-year-olds get to have a voice in politics,” Taiz said. “This is a golden opportunity and we are very excited.”

With the CSU system ranging from Humboldt State to San Diego State across 23 campuses and encompassing 400,000 students, the campaign plans to travel to each campus to promote its objective and to raise interest in the concept of Flunk Arnold. With the Oct. 18 deadline fast approaching, students were encouraged to submit their videos soon.

“I am for this. The governor cuts our budget and makes us pay,” said Diana Soto, a sophomore business marketing major.

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