Academic senate disassociates itself from Professor MacDonald

The Cal State Long Beach academic senate finalized a document disassociating the senate from the works of professor Kevin MacDonald on Thursday. 

The senate voted on the document to disassociate the senate from MacDonald’s work. MacDonald, a professor of psychology, has published written works that have been called racist and anti-Semitic. The psychology department and the university have already published documents that disassociate them from MacDonald’s work. 

The document was a motion made by professor of linguists Alexandra Jaffe. Although Jaffe was not present, the senate decided that the document needed to be discussed Thursday. 

The senate debated whether or not it was the job of the academic senate to get involved in the matter. It ultimately voted to publish the document, but only after making some key adjustments to its wording. The senate decided to leave out the phrase “condemns and” from the following portion of the document: 

“While the academic denate defends Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s academic freedom and freedom of speech, as it does for all faculty, it firmly and unequivocally condemns and disassociates itself from the anti-Semitic and white ethnocentric views he has expressed.” 

History professor Albie Burke argued at the meeting that if the senate decided to disassociate itself from MacDonald that it was the same thing as shunning him and his work. 

Vincent Delcasino, the chair of the geography department, said that if the senate passed the document it would be huge. 

“It’s a small thing but I think it’s a powerful thing,” Delcasino said. 

The senate decided that it was not appropriate to use “condemns” because it contradicts its defense of MacDonald’s rights to free speech. 

MacDonald responded to the passing of the document by saying via email that, “I am glad that they simply dissociated themselves rather than condemned me. As I’ve said many times on faculty forums at CSULB, everyone has ethnic interests. This is an absolutely respectable scientific proposal. European Americans are the only group whose ethnic interests have been pathologized. No one disputes that Koreans, say, have ethnic interests and have a right to keep Korea Korean. Quite a few of the people who voted to censure me are ethnic activists on behalf of their ethnic group. The College of Liberal Arts is full of these people. Yet only I am censured.” 

CSULB President F. King Alexander addressed the senate on that same Thursday afternoon, spurring discussion on the national economic situation and how it will affect students and student services. 

“The bailout is kind of like drinking castor oil … it’s something we have to do,” Alexander said. 

Students can expect a decrease in part-time employment opportunities on and off campus, Alexander said.  

“We need to get as much information to the students as we can,” Alexander said. “They are subjected to the same type of job losses.” 

When the senate suggested that employment services and career planning services need to be vamped up, vice president of Student Services Doug Robinson responded by saying, “We do have an extensive career development program … [the] problem is there aren’t jobs to put them [students] in.” 

Alexander said that another thing that happens when the economy goes bad is that many white-collared workers who lose their jobs turn to higher education. He said that the same type of thing might happen with students who are planning to graduate but have no job opportunities immediately after graduation. 

“Graduate education is a good way to hide from the economy,” Alexander said. 

He also explained that private student loans will become increasingly expensive and few and far between. Governmental loans will still be available to students. Alexander said that it is important that students get educated on loans. 

“We need to work with our students, particularly our first generation students, about the difference between good and bad loans,” Alexander said. 

Alexander said that the national average for endowments is down 6 percent, and CSULB endowments are down about 4 percent. A decrease in endowments means less funding for some student programs and for the 49er Shops, Inc.

The number of gifts and those giving to CSULB has not declined, and Alexander said in an email that the university is doing well in private giving to CSULB.

Both students and parents of students are, and will be, affected by the current status of the economy. 

“Rents will probably jump off campus,” Alexander said. He also said that landlords will probably do this within the next year, but there shouldn’t be an increase in on-campus living. 

“We will not be following this trend,” Alexander said. 

Alexander also addressed enrollment numbers, and said, “More people unemployed means more enrolling in college.” It is expected that CSULB won’t be accommodating to this trend. 

Alexander also spoke on his concern for the funding of public schools in Long Beach. He explained that with the devaluation of homes there will be a decrease in property taxes, and with property taxes being a main source of funds for public schools, these institutions will receive less funding and will have to consolidate within the district.  

“Our schools aren’t going to get more money,” Alexander said. “We need to prepare for this.” 

The lack of funds will in turn allow for less preparation for college, and freshmen students coming into CSULB will need more remedial training in order to progress through college. 

Alexander suggested encouraging high school students to start taking college courses sooner and taking summer courses. 

“We need to develop some ways to get them here earlier,” Alexander said.


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    Southern Poverty Law Center? The only thing Southern about them is their location. I am Southern. They hate us. What is their record on defending Whites whom have been discriminated against? ZERO. They never have, they never will. They only represent non-whites.

    Notice how they are repulsed by “white ethnocentric views”. This is blatant racism on behalf of Cal State. We would expect nothing less from such a pathetic institution that is running over with socialists. It reminds me of a garbage can with thousands of rats running in and out of it. It’s diseased. Do not call that “higher education”. Call that what it is… hatred of whites perpetrated by non-whites out of pure jealousy. Then again, the entire state of California is diseased. On one side of the bay you have a flaming pit of hell, on the other, you have yuppies wining and dining while rome burns. WAKE UP, they are destroying your state.

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    Chuck Johnson

    Professor MacDonald is guilty of telling the truth about Jews and how they have run White America into the sewer as a means of securing their own interests.

    The truth of his words is supported by the fact that a Jew lynch mob is out to get him even as America turns and twists in its death frenzy caused by the unaffordable war in Iraq fought for the benefit of Israel along with all those Jew financial shenanigans on Wall Street. Wake up and survive people!!

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    “While the academic senate defends Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s academic freedom and freedom of speech, as it does for all faculty, it firmly and unequivocally condemns and disassociates itself from the anti-Semitic and white ethnocentric views he has expressed.”

    But, a western financed and militarily defended, nuclear-armed, Israeli-apartheid where citizenship and civil rights are defined by ancestry is a-ok with a number of Cal State Professors. The politically organized Jewish community is laughing at your gentiles. Frankly, most of you deserve what’s coming.

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    Kevin MacDonald’s work is scholarly and devoid of emotional outbursts and inciting phrases(a much more patient man than myself considering the facts he is displaying). The truth and data seem to be anti-semitic in this hypersensitive climate. Everyone is offended and hurt so terribly by facts and historical quotes that the academic senate had to vote to protect the weak jellyfish against a damn series of books!
    No, the Jews have no power they say, but when the Jews need a man banned or shut down their shabbos Goyim are suddenly brave fighters for justice. These same conquistidors of hate will condone organizations such as La Raza (The race) and NAACP while at the same time not even allow white people to be acknowledged as a group with ethnic interests.
    Feel free to report this message to the ADL as more proof of a global anti-semitic tidal wave, god knows they need more funding.

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    Let’s be sure and keep track of who turns out to be right (at the rate things are going, it won’t take long). When it becomes clear that MacDonald was correct, let’s remember to remove from office those professors who opposed him because, obviously, they have an agenda other than truth and the welfare of humanity.

    There is word for people who sell out their own kind in exchange for money and honors – traitors. Those “Whites” who betrayed the founding people of Western civilization, and who helped to bring about the crisis and suffering we all are about to endure, will be treated as such.

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    A Good Read

    I really enjoyed reading MacDonald’s collection of essays entitled Cultural Insurrections. Don’t miss it.

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    Dave Marzella

    Does anyone, anywhere really CARE what the Cal State Long Beach “Academic Senate” really thinks about anything? That “august organization” is about as knowledgeable and prestigious as my old kindergarten Debating Society. Kevin MacDonald is the only academic of ANY VALUE whatsoever at Cal State Long Beach–He’s the only REAL dissenter and thinker amid Cal State’s general rabble of Left-wing mediocrity.

    Get rid of Kevin MacDonald, and you might as well get rid of Cal State Long Beach. He’s probably the last REAL academic in that sorry institution.

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    woah! slow down there jason. If you read professor McDonalds work about who is backing both current political parties and look at McCains record you will see that he is NOT a pro American option. He will also allow more illegal immigrants into this country. He has even gone so far as to state that he would.
    the only real difference between the democrats and republicans are the faces they use to get idiot lemmings to vote for them. don’t believe me? then why have both presidential candidates gone before AIPAC and swore their oath to attack Iran if israel feels threatened? boy, it sure is fortunate for israel to have an entire army of goyim between them and their enemies. If you think neo cons are the answer to the problems plaguing the white people of this country then you are sadly mistaken. After all, McCains policies are virtually identical to Bushes…and what has that alcoholic, closet case, cokehead done but destroy this country by following the advice of his advisers from the Project for the New American Century ?
    look up the names of the people involved with that project. It reads like a bar mitzvah guest list. meanwhile people refuse to acknowledge the obvious connections and launch a witch hunt after the man who is only telling the truth. by the way jason. if you are so concerned with illegal immigration then watch the movie “The Illegal Immigration Invasion” for free on google video. Also, look up who was behind the 1965 chain immigration act and you will begin to notice some very uncanny appearances by G-DS precious little pets..

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    “Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell in ‘1984’

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    J. P. Zenger

    Apparently the Senate believes McDonald’s theory about the might of Jewish influence, even while they deny that it exists. This “disassociation” is a vindication.

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    Freedom of speech, remember what that was ?
    If the media wrote and told the truth, there would be a lot of problems rising in society, that is one of the reasons facts brought up by people like Dr. McDonald is getting gagged.
    The truth is out there !

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    This writers is biassed. Dr. McDonald only tells us it like it is. If his writings was lies then why do so many great organizations quote him? Answer that. He knows why America is in such afight to stay alive. It’s because of all of the lies told about how people like Sen. John McCain and other heros like Jim Gilchrist work so hard to protect us from illegal immigration. We need to have a Veterans center instead of radical left wing groups like La Raza on campus. We need to elect Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin because Obama will only open the border. This reporter didn’t reconize the truth because Mr. Rider is typical media bias and prejudiced

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