SFAC recommends new fee to maintain status quo

 The Student Fee Advisory Committee will recommend that President F. King Alexander consider implementing a new campus-wide fee after the committee deliberated over the Beach Legacy Referendum results on Friday.

Cal State University guidelines require the SFAC to submit to Alexander a recommended course of action on any proposed campus-wide student-fee changes. The recommendation is not binding.

While the SFAC voted to recommend that Alexander respect the results of the student referendum and not implement the proposed $95-per-semester Beach Legacy Fee — which was opposed by about 60 percent of students voting in the referendum — the committee will urge him to consider instating a fee of a lower amount.

“We just wanted to say, ‘Don’t implement a $95 fee, but do what you have to do to keep this university a great university,’ ” said Brian Troutner, who is the Associated Students Inc. treasurer and the SFAC member who introduced the approved recommendation.

Troutner said that, although he respected students’ opposition to the $95-per-semester fee to fund the athletics department, overwhelming demand for increasingly limited ASI and Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) funds necessitated some sort of fee increase in order to “keep up with the status quo.” Portions of ASI and IRA funds currently go to the athletics department.

ASI President Erin Swetland and ASI Vice President Christopher Chavez adamantly opposed the recommendation.

“I fully do not support this motion in any sense,” Swetland said at the meeting. “We need to uphold the voice of students. That’s what we were elected to do.”

Swetland said she was concerned that a recommendation to impose a new fee in light of the results of the online referendum could leave students feeling that their vote didn’t matter.

“There’s a point where you have to respect students,” Swetland said, “and when they take a stand, you have to listen to them.”

She urged the committee to recommend that Alexander not institute any fee at this time. She said a better option would be to recommend that Alexander go back to the students and allow them to vote on another fee increase of a lower amount if one was necessary. The committee voted against this proposal.

After the meeting, Troutner reiterated the need for a fee increase.

He said that without a fee increase, the amount of grants made available to student organizations would decrease by 8 percent from this year to the next

Of the total amount made available to student organizations about 85 percent of the requests are for events requesting “Legacy Events” status, meaning that they “have had a large impact on this campus for at least 5 years,” Troutner said. There are about 20 of these and include events such as the Black Consciousness Conference and the “Meet the Industries” expo.

Troutner said there will most likely be more than $300,000 worth of requests for the $177,000 that will be allocated for student organizations.

He also cited an approximate $500,000 shortfall between the available and requested amounts of IRA funds, and noted ASI’s having had to reduce its level of professional development in the face of budget cuts.

Pat Kearney, the chair of the University Resources Council and SFAC member, said that Cal State Long Beach is already a very affordable school and that a new fee would be positive in the long run.

“I really think we have to bite the bullet and support this fee increase … and it doesn’t have to be for athletics,” Kearney said.

Chavez later proposed to change the recommendation to include a $30 cap on the suggested fee, but the attempt failed by a 7-5 vote.

“I think the president can make a good decision as to what is a fair amount to tax students,” Troutner said.

Swetland agreed that Alexander had the best perspective on the needs of the campus, but added that the SFAC’s job was to support the students.

“By voting yes, you are allowing this decision … to be made at the discretion of one person,” Swetland said before the final vote. “This decision could be a $92 increase, a $94 increase, a $5 increase.”

Troutner’s original proposal was approved by a vote of 7-3, with two members abstaining.

The committee participated in a blind vote as mandated by SFAC Chair and Vice President of Student Services Doug Robinson.

Swetland said she disagreed with the decision on having a blind vote and asked Robinson and the committee for transparency in the committee’s actions in order for members to stand behind their votes.

“I think that there’s an air among the student body that something’s fishy about this whole process, and I think [being] as transparent, as clear, as up front as possible, the better,” Swetland said.

Robinson responded to Swetland, saying “You’ve alluded a couple times to something being fishy. [Executive order] 1034 authorizes this committee to advise the president, whether it is to concur with the referendum, to not concur with the referendum or to come up with a separate recommendation. That is the responsibility of this committee.”

In the February SFAC meeting, members voted openly on the publicity and voting process for the Beach Legacy Referendum. Robinson said having a blind vote at Friday’s meeting was up to his discretion as committee chair.

Swetland, Chavez and Troutner opted to cast their votes audibly even though they were permitted to use the paper ballots.

Swetland and Chavez both said they would encourage students to go to Alexander and CSU Chancellor Charles Reed to make their voices heard on what course of action should be taken.

“Ultimately, the ball is in the students’ court now,” Chavez said after the meeting.

He encourages students to learn everything they can about the issue and to then voice their opinions on what should be done.

“CSULB has a very long history of respecting student voices. If we use it civilly, our voices will be respected,” Chavez said.

The SFAC consists of seven ASI members and six faculty members. Click here for the current membership roster.


Also see: SFAC adresses need for online referendum regulations


Other Cal State Universities — such as Sacramento and Fullerton — are currently considering similar fee changes.

In May 2008, the president of Cal State Fresno imposed a fee increase even thoug
h referendum results showed the majority of students opposing the increase, according to the Fresno State News.

CSUF’s proposed $70 increase would have gone toward IRA and Athletics Department funding. 

After students voted in opposition, the CSUF Campus Fee Advisory Committee recommended that the university’s president instead implement a $52 increase for the same purpose, which the president did.

The main difference between the proposed Beach Legacy Fee and the CSUF fee increase is that the Beach Legacy Fee would create a new fee, and would not be considered an increase to an existing fee.

This difference is important given that a CSU-wide policy — Executive Order 1034, which went into effect in June — requires approval from the CSU Chancellor in order to instate a new mandatory, campus-wide fee.

The Chancellor’s approval is not necessary for the adjustment of a fee, which was the case for CSUF.

Tiffany Rider contributed to this article.

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This updated version of the article was posted at 8:20 p.m. on Sunday, April 12.


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    laughing at all of you

    wow all these comments are hilarious.
    i think its great hearing all of you bitch

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    Troutner is an a_ _ kissing dick wad. We should have recognized he was wearing administrative knee pads before he crawled into office. Just goes to show that a pretty smile can hide the face of a true backstabber. What a complete jerk and sellout to the cause of students. Sadly, he will likely return after he graduates as an administrative trainee/flunky/blow job artist.

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    Your name–That’s the problem with the secrecy behind this entire scam; no transparency and this story was obviously updated with the newer information. The problem is that there has been no transparency by either ASI, administration or the committee. Students shouldn’t have to conduct a research venture through the entire to find the proper information and the link wasn’t there when the earlier composition of SFAC was published in the 49er. I think the newspaper crew was originally hiding c–t like the other entities because they either reacted too late, or wanted to protect potential money they would receive if BLR passed. Either way, students were cheated and will continue to be so until all of the facts are published. Results of an actual committee vote on the recommendation to Pres. Alexander would have given us that information, but Robinson’s unusual ‘blind vote’ continued the attempt to lie to students. I’m glad Troutner is out of there because he’s probably the worst display of an elected represented we’ve seen in more than a year. Erin and Chris made a valiant stand, while Troutner stooped to the lowest common denominator in representation, even going so far as to support a move to “tax students” He had no respect for the people who helped him pad his resume and that should be published across the campus to remind our current candidates that eating your own is not a great move. It’s too bad we can’t Richard Nixon his ass off the campus or Gray Davis his butt out of office. He should be made to repay his salary and every perk he’s received for malfeasance of office.

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    you may want to check that 4 out of 12 number again… I don’t believe you are correct…

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    Observer, since when did poverty become a culture? You’re part of the problem, not part of a solution when you suggest throwing more money at it will fix it. All of that money will be soaked up for the inverted pyramid designed by administration, anyway. Did you notice that the voting members of the “Student” Fee Advisory Committee is only comprised of 4 students out of twelve? Perhaps as you move forward in life you’ll start questioning bureaucracy more. This fee is not about more money for student programs, it’s about more money for administration to play with and squander. “What the heck, if it fails as an investment we’ll just tap them for more in a future referendum/hoax.” Wake up and smell the pennies before they’re placed on future rejected students’ eyelids. All of you supporting raising student fees should stop being so free with other people’s money just because you wish to feel good about yourself. That’s the foundation of addiction, take a drug, spend some money, instant gratification, problem solved — temporarily.

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    Christopher Poole

    Jason Aula needs to quit impersonating ASI candidates!

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    Actually, over 60000 apply to csulb.and each of those people clearly have no problem paying $50 just to have their application reviewed.

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    To Observer

    I personally don’t like the idea of a fee increase, but I know that this fee increase would help solve a lot of financial concerns across the board. However, I also personally know that many students who will have financial issues with a fee increase. Not everyone gets financial aid or scholarships. A great majority of students at CSULB work just to pay for tuition/fees, books, transportation, and other necessities. I know that the fee will do great things for the university as a whole, but to individual students who are struggling, that fee increase would is going to be a big issue. I would caution you to be careful with comments like “$120/yr. would be within reason. That isn’t going to break anyone.” It may not break you or anyone else you know, but it will be costly to many students who are struggling as it is.

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    And ever heard of supply and demand? As college students, you should.

    30,000 people apply to LB every year. Only 1/4 to 1/3 can be accepted due to enrollment max.

    Supply and demand usually dictates being able to raise fees, because enough people from all cultures will be willing to pay them, if the increases are within reason. $120/yr. would be within reason. That isn’t going to break anyone.

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    Erin is the best president this campus has had in years. I hope we elect one half as good as her.

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    Shooster never got to college and Jaula is never going to be cured of his moronia.

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    To whom ever is claiming to be me and misrepresenting in this forum please stop. It is disgusting that someone on here impersonates me. On top of that I get hate mail for comments I did not even make in my student email account. Furthermore I Jason Aula have not made any posts under my name or an alias please disregard any association of my name with previous postings. I hope the loser with ample time on his/her hand gets a freaking life and stops harassing people online and posing as me! You can email me at [email protected] to confirm this is me.

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    OK people, calm down. Chris Chavez has complete support from La Raza Student Association, which is why we decided to support him this time around again, and I wouldn’t think Avis would post something so bogus, so no worries there. She is nice. I know what Chri thought about the issue. When the issue came up he informed us of it and expressed his opinion on it. And I do know how important it is for him for students to be represented, same goes for Erin Swetland. Both care about the students. When we said no on BLR, they heard what we had to say and took it into consideration and now I can see they respect the student’s voice.

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    how did latinization get to college? obviously, he is so stupid to realize that affirmative action actually helps minorities get accepted. of course, his racist brown teachers wont tell him that because they are racist and he is brainwashed. no se quede socialista…

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    Wow I cannot believe someone would stoop so low as to impersonate me on these comments to try to sway voters. I cannot believe this! LaRaza you all are an amazing organization. I would never do that. I cannot believe that someone would go on here and make a comment like that. First of all I do not even refer to myself using my entire name. Two why would I write some ignorant stuff like that?

    So whoever is trying to impersonate me or give my name a bad rap, you are scared that REAL students are going to vote for a REAL leader. We have a leader who truly cares about students and wants to make a difference, and people are trying to throw dirt on my name.

    I want to let all of you out there know that this election is very serious. I am going about it the right way. I have had NO violations filed on me because I want to be a good and moral person. By saying false information, and signing my name, you are only making yourself look stupid.

    The student organizations know that I support them 100%, they are a vital part of the University. I respect every single organization and they really do have power.

    So whoever wrote such a silly thing on this comment string looks so immature. People who know me KNOW that I am a strong leader and I fight for what is right! Next time you want to make a stupid comment like that, please say it to my face. YOU ARE SCARED THAT YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE! Don’t try to sway student opinions.

    I hope people find out who tried to impersonate me. You use silly tactics to get votes, but you will not win. Good try though.

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    Avis Atkins

    I support raising tuition as is is needed to fund athletics, you la raza supporters think you have so much power when you have so little

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    La raza Spirit, your post is all wrong. Look up the real numbers. The majority of ALL students work. Stop turning it into a racial issue. Also, NOBODY has yet to show some numbers as to why this would be unaffordable. If you don’t want to have a better university, say that, but please stop using smoke and mirrors to get your way. If you can show that the majority of minority students really cannot afford this, show us some real numbers, if not shut up. That goes for you too latination

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    la raza spirit

    csu long beach is a school for working students NOT silverspoon fed kids living off mom and dad. im sure we all know what race those students fall under but thats another story altogether. the majority of working students at csulb are minority students who can not aford to pay the whopping fee. if this isn’t institutionallized racism, then i don’t know what is.

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    To the REAL Latination, you have done your homework, and I can appreciate that. No doubt wrongs have been perpetrated in the past. But does perpetrating wrongs against anglos who had nothing to do with those wrongs fix the problem? I agree the government is garbage today, only out for themselves.

    My response to the $760 putting someone deep into debt was to the PHONY Latination. Granted it isn’t chump change, but $760 extra over 4 years would hardly put pretty much anyone much deeper into debt.

    To the REAL Latination, can you then tell me what your idea of an ideal school is? I hope it isn’t just going to class. If that’s the case, why not just go to a trade/tech school? Isn’t the idea of college to also get involved on campus, whether through athletics, politics, joining a club, etc.? To learn about the real world and not just from a classroom lecture. Without any kind of supplemental fee, doesn’t that destroy the chance for the campus to have orgs and activities to allow for the complete experience?
    Can you answer why LB should continue to have the lowest fees in the CSU system?

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    April Fools! There is only ONE Latination and I’m it. I loooooove stirring up trouble on the internet with my race-baiting posts!


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    In re: the Latination poster who is short and discriminatory; This is the Internet racist troll Jason Aula, who consequentially has a bitter resentment after being stomped by Chris Chavez during last year’s ASI vice presidential run-off election. Travel back in time to the comments posted during that election and it’s identical to Jason’s crap. Now he has latched onto the original Latination title to cause more crap. Don’t be deceived by the impostor. Study the arguments rather than the name calling rhetoric. He couldn’t wipe my ass.

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    What I would truly like “Observer” to study is that there are two people posting as “Latination.” One is a bigot trying to stir the pot, the other is trying to present fair argument. One is vile, the other is a voice of reason for his family and ethnicity. One is Jason Aula, who can’t spell his way out of a brown paper bag and has atrocious grammar, the other who embraces and displays his/her education. Please don’t toss them into the same bag. Make your comments according to the time stamp. The one who seems like a bigot trying to spread garbage—-is. Employ your critical thinking skills.

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    “Observer” you made one key observation “although yes it still exists” Until you’ve been a victim, you will never comprehend the severity of all of the implications. Racism only exists when the dominant structure holds sway over the least represented. As per your query, “what has an anglo ever truly done to you or your family to make you so bitter?” It isn’t Anglos as a whole, but those in power that have implemented one racist policy after another on my family. Study how my Mexican American grandfather was shipped back to Mexico, a country he had only visited before, during the Repatriation Act. Study how my great grandfather was denied human and civil rights following the violation of the Treaty of Ignacio Hidalgo. Treat yourself to other instances where my cousins, aunts and uncles were treated before, after and continuing Brown vs. the Board of Education. Enhance your education by studying the current anti-Mexican policies along the border. Then try to employ human empathy. If it were your family, you’d be blowing up buildings. More fees for athletics and self-serving campus promotion isn’t justifiable in our current economy. My immediate family can’t afford to send more than one child to college per admissions cycle. That defines racism and I don’t apologize for being in people’s faces to solve that problem. “You are too funny” condenses the argument to the irresponsible attitudes that permeate this climate of our administrative and student government structures. A university education/experience boils down to dollars and cents, the money my family can’t afford to be separated from to give more than one of us a chance at a time. When we can have the luxury to do so, you will see different policies institutionalized. We, however, won’t be as callous and selfish in the distribution of wealth and opportunity.

  25. Avatar

    I hope people can see now that Latination is just stirring up trouble.

    Serious debt over paying an extra $760 TOTAL for 4 years? You are too funny.

    If you want to seriously discuss this, instead of just ranting, it will be welcome. You might be advised to study how people like Dr. Martin Luther King and Harvey Milk went about things. They didn’t label everyone into one category.
    Seems like you are the racist, against anglos. Be honest, what has an anglo ever truly done to you or your family to make you so bitter? It’s really quite sad the bitterness. Life is too short to be bitter throughout it.

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    Calm Down had a good point. This isn’t about racism. Not everything is about racism, although yes it still exists.
    This is about LB not being just a place where one goes to class and that’s it for school experiences. If you’re looking for that, why not just go to a trade/tech school? College is about a well rounded experience for ALL cultures, where you not only learn subject matter, but also how to relate to other people. And without activities on campus, you will never learn how to relate well to others.

    Without the right fees in place, LB will not have that.

    And answer this, why should LB pay less in school fees then students on any other CSU campus?

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    understands, you are just like chris chavez. a sellout and pawn for the white men that run this college. any person of color that supports this garbage is going against their own interests and should probably be disowned by their race. watch what happens when this $95 fee drives us minority students into SEVERE debt after college.

  28. Avatar

    Ah Latination, now I understand where you are coming from. Your comments that only white people play sports, go to the beact etc. is way off base. What you are really saying is that because of your economic situation you are bitter at the whole world. Well, I am Latino as is my son who goes to school there. I paid my own way at LBS as I also came from a very disadvantaged background. But rather than being bitter and feeling sorry for myself, I used my disadvantage as a driving force to succeed. Which I did and which is why my kids enjoy going to the beach, playing sports and taking full advantage of what LBS has to offer. Yes, I now have money but I also remember where I came from and what my driving force was.

  29. Avatar

    Maybe all your energy should be directed at providing more financial aid for students in need instead of holding the university to a fee structure that will make it a second tier institution. Second tier status will harm all students, including the ones you are currently advocating for.

  30. Avatar

    Students voted “NO” fees and administration said “So freaking what.” That’s the bottom line; nothing more, nothing less.

  31. Avatar

    I love it when people like Nguyen and others try to pretend there are no racial implications or threats in a referendum like this. The basic tenets of our university system was to create opportunity for low-income, first generation—mostly minority, inner city youth—to have an opportunity to keep up with the Joneses, to be able to pull their families out of poverty. Anybody who’s studied the cycle WASP America has employed to victimize people of color throughout history, including California history, knows this. If one bright and ambitious black, Asian or Latino teenager is NOT included in the California Master Plan for education by being allowed to attend a PUBLIC university because of affordability, no student fees can be justified. The ones who wish to have this fee implemented are irresponsible and selfish. They will NOT be the ones here to pay that debt. They plan to pass it on to the next generation and that IS unconscionable. That also makes it a matter of the will of the middle class pushing out the chances of the poor.

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    Paul M. Nguyen

    Hash: SHA1

    We, the students, need to focus on the needs at hand, what is a realistic contribution by the students in the form of a fee to meet the extra- and co-curricular needs of students and their faculty mentors, and tie down the money thus allocated in a way that makes administrators and the student body as a whole tangibly accountable for how that money is spent.

    Playing the race card, harassing individual administrators (both student and professional), or otherwise stooping to the low levels exemplified in these comments is entirely ridiculous.

    This issue is about us, the students, and the students who will come after us. It really is about building a legacy for the school. I do not agree in any way with the original BLR campaign, or the efforts to resurrect it. I do, however, realize the need for additional funding for legitimate programs on our campus, and I will voice my opinion in a thoughtful and considerate manner, as the situation may require.

    For those interested, you may verify that I actually wrote this by using OpenPGP-compliant encryption tools to verify the included digital signature.

    Thanks for reading,
    Paul M. Nguyen ([email protected])
    Version: GnuPG v2.0.9 (GNU/Linux)


  33. Avatar
    Benjamin Zitney


    Could you please e-mail us letting you know who you are and your position on campus so that we can assess your credibility and possibly insert your more specific numbers into the story.

    Please e-mail me at [email protected]

    Thank you for reading.

  34. Avatar

    clarification on student organization grants:
    -ASI will be allocating approximately $177K in the next fee weeks to student organizations
    -It is anticipated that the requests will total WELL over $300K
    -There are over 140 applications, of those 20 are requesting special recognition as Legacy events which have had a large impact on this campus for at least 5 years (some are more than 20 years)
    -Those 20 applications total over $150K, which means approx 15% of the applications are requesting about 85% of the funds

  35. Avatar
    latination is my inspiration

    to “Do we have to inject race into every argument?,” white people are the only people who go to the “beach,” white people are the only people who like sports, white people are the only people who play sports, white people are the only people who have money, white people are the only people who are racist. if you can’t understand that than you’re an ignorant white person

  36. Avatar

    Now it is sad that a general school spirit slogan as “Go Beach” is targeted as propaganda. I respect the students that are against the BLR, I am for it, but why bring out all this hate in your arguments (racism, elitism, etc). I thought our generation was better then this but I guess we are not.

  37. Avatar
    Do we have to inject race into every argument?

    Before you start slandering me with personal attacks, i feel that “Go Beach” is a clever slogan. What other school can you think of has the word ‘beach’ in its name? If students know that we are a campus that’s close to the beach, they’ll see that as an attractive feature (sure LB has crappy beachs, but still…). If you have a unique feature like that, why not try to use it to your benefit? it’s not like blonde-haired blue eyed whites are the only ones who go to the beach.

    ok, i’m finished speaking—proceed with the insults and personal attacks.

  38. Avatar
    James Ahumada

    I can not believe some of the comments some of my fellow students have made. I read this article shortly after it was posted and thought about how well Erin and Chris represented our opinion. I know that both did all in their power to make sure no fee increase would be made against the students’ will. Sadly many did not read that. Look at what they did, they tried to substitute the motion, both called for an open ballot, both Chris and Erin cast their vote openly (check the dang minutes), Chris motioned to cap the limit (seeing that Troutners motion would definitely carry), seconded by Erin. It was a hard fought battle that I believe the 49er has not captured correctly.

    If some of the people who had commented below would have bee the ones to represent us to administration we surely would never be heard and taken seriously, they remained “civil” as chris recommends to all of us.

    As for this whole thing being about the BLR, it’s about much more that that. The big deal, which ASI has made clear, is that administration gave us a fake hope in the democratic process, and that is what we should be angry about. ASI better stand out on this one and say something in one voice against this committees’ decision. To that Fullerton person, all I can say is grow up.

    If you want to see which presidential candidate actually took a side on the issue watch the video on the home page of the daily 49er with all their opinions.

    I think you’ll see no one did.

  39. Avatar

    To both “Your names” about the Nazi comment, I for one am sick and tired of administration closing every comment with “Go Beach!” It’s mindless and inane for a spirit comment. It’s meant to brainwash students. You can’t even see the waveless waters of Long Beach from the highest plateau at CSULB. And not to seem redundant, but it evokes that our campus only welcomes the blond haired, blue eyed surfer subculture, which is not realistically representative of our campus. It was a mostly Caucasian campus in the early 60s, but has no foundation in truth during the new millennium. It’s time to create a more representative catch phrase. Until the institution stops marginalizing those who aren’t in that surfer subculture (look at the parking permits for instance), it won’t be able to clean up its image as being elitist and anti-people of color. It’s not the most positive catch phrase to use to imprint a positive academic atmosphere.

  40. Avatar
    black and gold

    I agree to an extent with “Calm Down” that all programs, including athletics, are important at a university. Diversity increases the richness of the college experience. Important also are the concepts and principles of honesty and ethics, included in every program and emphasized in every college at CSULB. Therein lies the problem. Ethics and honesty were overlooked in the BLR process. If administrators and others had better included academics as a beneficiary, as did San Luis Obispo, this dialogue would not be necessary. Instead, the promoters tried to sell it that an all athletics fee would provide residual benefits to athletics. Their failure was in a lack of transparency, especially when it came to the vote reported in this article. Robinson and his minions chose to cannibalize the student body by ignoring their votes. It’s much deeper than that, as anybody with the wherewithal to investigate will find out. I also have read the similar referendum proposals from the other CSUs and can attest, this is an internal movement on the part of administration and the CSU Board of Trustees. The language is too suspiciously identical to have not been put together by a sophisticated administrative public relations team. My heart goes out to the true lion at CSULB, ASI President Erin Swetland. She was the only one with the guts to stand up for students. I truly hope this experience didn’t crush her spirit and drive to stand up for what’s right. This is a rare individual in a university where everybody is out for themselves and willing to hang humans with less opportunity. All of the population at CSULB owes her an expression of gratitude for her courage in standing up to honor the voice of students. Great job, Erin. You should be proud of yourself because you are a REAL leader!!!!

  41. Avatar

    Let athletics die due to supply and demand. If we use this logic for athletics then we would have to apply it to those majors that have low enrollment. Such as studies for African, Latino or Asian studies. For after all it isn’t as if these majors are impacted. All we would have then would be business and engineering. College is supposed to be a place where students are to be exposed to various experiences. Just because you don’t believe in something or agree, is not a reason to go saying “whitey” and elitist. If some one something similiar about Latinos then you would be up in arms about it. I think an expresion of your opinion and feelings is important but without having to go into name calling and insinuation.

  42. Avatar
    A concerned student

    Students! I urge you all to voice your opinions to our administration. I understand the process, but students strongly recommended the administration not to create this fee. It was sad that our own student government Senate chaired by Chris Chavez did not take a stance against this matter. ASI elections are coming up. I would strongly encourage all my peers to vote for someone that they can trust, someone they know will take a stand and listen to their concerns. We don’t need anymore puppets of the administration.

  43. Avatar

    Yeah seriously let’s not lose our heads here

  44. Avatar

    Comparing the administration to Nazis? Wow! you people have sunk to new lows.

  45. Avatar

    Read this article thoroughly to see how much contempt our vice president of student services has for ‘students’ This is the smoking gun that administration was intent from the outset to institutionalize this fee. The only purpose of the referendum was that if students had passed, King could approach the trustees and nobody could point a finger at him. “The students said they want to pay more,” would have been his showcase statement. Odd that Robinson would EXERT power over the students on his committee and call for a blind vote. But nothing in this entire measure’s process was TRANSPARENT. They couldn’t afford transparency.

  46. Avatar

    When administrators and ASI close their spiel with “Go Beach” it reminds me of another regime that used to close with “Sieg Hiel”

  47. Avatar

    For “The right decision” Only another administrator or an ASI suck up would print “President” capitalized without a name. The point is, this was put to a student vote and the committee should have respected that vote with their recommendation. Either that or King should have gone for the fee increase on his own, rather than creating all of this student anxiety over a non-binding election. It was extremely manipulative on administration’s part because they knew last year they were going for this fee increase and tried to load the responsibility on the the students. Now the students will feel that administration is definitely AGAINST them. Not good PR and it doesn’t project a good image of the president or the university. This isn’t over.

  48. Avatar
    The right decision

    Glad to see the committee took the long term growth and needs of the university into consideration. LBSU already has one of the lowest fees in the entire CSU system and that will still be the case after any fee increase associated with the BLR. Any way, us students should not be voting on issues that are material to the future growth and long term direction of the university. We only think of today and not what is best for the university’s future in many cases. This decision should have been left to the President from the beginning since he is in charge of the vision, direction, and implementation of any real and material courses of action. LBSU will still be one of the more affordable universities in the nation, and now we will be able to see our university grow and provide services that all major and well respected national universities provide. Go Beach!.

  49. Avatar

    chavez you are nothin but a sellout bum who panders to the racist whitey’s demand. people who support this elitist fee increaes are either racists or sellouts. Observer, I’m not being a “crybaby” when im looking out for the interests of the minorities that this racist institution claims to serve. go back to your all-white country club and suck on a soccer ball chump.

  50. Avatar

    Are people forgetting that neither Chavez nor Swetland said a word during the BLR? They stayed silent since it was proposed in November when the 49er wasn’t covering it. I wouldn’t be suprised to learn that they wanted it to pass. They’re only opposing it now because they might be unpopular if if they don’t. That’s not leadership. They’re both cowards.

  51. Avatar

    I find it ironic that these same middle class students who cry poor seem to have money for their Starbucks coffee every day.

    Isn’t that just a bit two faced?

    It’s not just just about sports, it’s about all students activities being left behind.

    The dream of a free education was a silly one. States throughout the country have higher fees than the CSU system. Why should Californians be so privileged to get free education while everyone else has to pay more?

  52. Avatar

    If King was going to impose a fee anywyay, why did he waste everyone’s time with a vote, even if it was only “a recommendation”?

    Seems like imposing a fee now will really stunt the belief the students have in themselves, and any trust they have in the administration. Athletics gave it their best shot and got thoroughly thumped; they promised 6,000 votes and got well below 2,500.

    Let the athletic program die. It is called supply and demand or free market. If there is no demand, why supply it? Or, is this now an autocracy?

  53. Avatar
    la raza spirit

    Although it’s aside from the real issue of our student government not protecting and honoring our word, I agree fully with “Latination” about the term “Hispanic” It’s derogatory and inaccurate. Hispanic is a term for people from Spain, where most Latinos in America hold no liege or affiliation. It’s meant as a term to racialize an entire group of people for census data. The only people I know of who call themselves “Hispanic” are Cubans in Florida. If you walked up to me and called me Hispanic to my face, we would have some issues to deal with. Back to the real issue: Chavez sealed his fate during the BLF campaign and shoveled dirt in his own grave by not being more emphatic in standing with Erin Swetland to honor student voices.

  54. Avatar

    Dear “Succeed,” Perhaps you’re the one who needs therapy because I never once mentioned “race” or ethnicity in my comment. If you’re imagining things, you might need medication. I challenge anybody to read the comment and claim race was even alluded to. Bury your nose between your legs, Troutner, until you get help fool. What really irks me is that you claim to be “Hispanic” and every Latino in the Southwest knows that that is a white term meant to demean. We don’t call ourselves “Hispanics” moron. If you were Latino, that wouldn’t need explanation. Go ahead, ask one of your “Hispanic” friends!!!!

  55. Avatar

    To Enough: What’s best for the future of a public university is that the people it was created for, low-income, urban youth — who would normally have no chance for a higher education, are NOT be blocked out because they can’t afford fee increases. It’s difficult for most middle class students whose families aren’t hurt by self-serving fee increases to live in the real world of economics. If one minority student is not given the opportunity to advance because I raised their fees a couple of hundred dollars a year, I think that is one victim too many. The CSU was created to provide free higher education to the masses, but we’ve lost sight of that original mission. If it is so crucial to build a women’s soccer stadium during an economic recession, let the city and state pay for it. It is, afterall, public property that will continue to belong to taxpayers. If the student government wanted a referendum only to fill the hole in their own project funding, they should have honestly asked for just that. Instead, they built an extensive list for Santa Claus, filled with many items that are only temporary and won’t fix a damn thing. I have a feeling YOU are just looking out for yourself and ignoring poor people. That’s called elitism.

  56. Avatar

    Latination you have some serious issues. Have you considered therapy? Your constant use of the race card is getting old. You aren’t doing us Hispanics any favors by constantly bring race up. Youvome across as needing special consideration in order to succeed. Rather than complaining, go out and succeed on your own and try to bring about change by doing and not by whining.

  57. Avatar

    It sounds as if there is a money shortage to fund some basic programs. Have any of you listened that programs are being funded only 80% and they will be shorted another 8%? Maybe it’s time to realize that there is more at stake than ahletics. It appears that we can’t see the forest for the trees. I have the feeling that everyone that voted no could have been just looking out for their own interest and not what is best for the everyone or the school in the future.

  58. Avatar
    Fuller Town

    Two observations wrapped in one: Fed up wrote “Atletics is needed” and jason aula wrote “you guys shoudl have elected ME.” Now I don’t profess to a genius or anything, but doesn’t this show a need for more attention to academics rather than sports? How about a referendum to supply your campus with dictionaries? Must suck to be you Be-Ach.

  59. Avatar

    What freakin employee wouldn’t support a fee increase, Kearney? More money in your pockets. Another one of the ‘steering committee’ to ignore the will of students.

  60. Avatar

    you guys shoudl have elected ME!!! Ha Ha, now see what you have. I would bring back football.

  61. Avatar
    la raza spirit

    Adios Chris. La Raza won’t even back your election after this.

  62. Avatar

    Head for the showers Troutener. Have a seat on the bench chavez. You’re each mealy little lying scoundrels and students wouldn’t believe either of you now if your tongues came notarized.

  63. Avatar

    Isn’t the Chris Chavez the presidential candidate who ” encourages students to learn everything they can about the
    issue and to then voice their opinions on what should be done” the one who kept his mouth shut during the process, even though he was asked by numerous constituents? And “Fed up” you’ve been outed you little homo. If you had spent more time doing your job instead of hanging around the locker rooms, you’d earn respect.

  64. Avatar

    F-You “fed up” aka Brian Troutner. the students voted NO and ASI is ignoring that, even though it’s associated “students” inc. Go suck on a soccer ball or something you silver spoon sucking twit.

  65. Avatar

    Quit your crying. Atletics is needed and if u can’t afford go to Fullerton. No one is forcing you to attend LBS. What a bunch of cry babies.

  66. Avatar
    utter journalist

    Your headline should have read “Committee recommends increasing student fees” or “Committee decides to screw low-income students by ignoring BLR vote” to attract more attention. This headline is weak. That’s probably because the 49er will receive money from this fee increase. Afterall, they are listed in the BLR, aren’t they? I agree with “Your name” that somebody should investigate, but we know who it WON’T be, right 49er?

  67. Avatar

    Does anybody really believe that Reed will tell King no? Get real and get ready to bend over. You all just got screwed. Don’t feel too bad; we’re next.

  68. Avatar
    CSU landlord

    The only true statement Troutner made was “to tax students” These idiots have no shame or conscience. Way to REPRESENT and HONOR student voices ALL!!!!

  69. Avatar

    Troutner, by your own argument a request should have been made to students for the NEEDS-BASED funding, not for an athletics referendum. You are a f_ _ cking administrative puppet. I hope I have the opportunity to see your name on something else in the real world some day because I will personally show you to be a corporate schill.

    Chavez, the ball was in the students’ court during the referendum and they said “no.” Now it’s time for you to show some moxie and stand up for them. Otherwise, kiss your bid for president adios. That same 60% who said no to BLR, or waaay more, will click somebody else’s name. That will be your ‘legacy’ and it will start when you no longer have a job to look forward to on Wednesday.

    Funny how Robinson, the one pulling the strings, said absolutely noting in public. His manipulation was done with the doors closed, AGAIN.

    Erin Swetland is the only person on the SFAC with grit and independence. Because this is going on at other campuses the 49er, or somebody with courage, should investigate this abuse of student will and resources. Look into how much student money was spent on PR campaigns.

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