Elizabeth Ramos speaks, works toward recovery

Vincent and Lydia Ramos thought their daughter Elizabeth Ramos might never speak again after she was hit by a car while jogging on Bellflower Boulevard last month.

Then, on March 11, Elizabeth Ramos’s friend Meredith Robe came to visit her at Kindred Hospital in Westminster. Elizabeth Ramos opened her eyes, looked at Robe and started mumbling and waving her arms.

“Oh God, we were crying,” Vincent Ramos said. “We couldn’t believe it. It’s a miracle to hear someone speak who hasn’t for six weeks. We didn’t know if she would speak again.”

Elizabeth Ramos is now able to have conversations as well as read and write, according to her father. On Monday she was able to stand on one leg and hop a bit. She is currently working with a physical therapist and a speech therapist, Vincent Ramos said.

Vincent Ramos said that when he gave his daughter her phone for the first time after the accident, the first thing she did was call all of her professors and tell them she wouldn’t be able to make it to class because her body was broken.

“She’s so goal-oriented,” he said. “She wants to graduate with her class in the spring and go to medical school in Minnesota.”

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Ramos will have to delay her graduation while she recovers, according to Vincent Ramos. Elizabeth Ramos is no longer on paid medication, and she might have to have surgery on her left leg depending on how it heals, her father said.

She will stay at Kindred Hospital for another few weeks, depending on whether or not she has surgery on her left leg, Vincent Ramos said. He said that his daughter will probably move to another hospital, closer to their home near Redlands, for rehabilitation.

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