ASI aims to increase revenue, outreach, sustainability

Cal State Long Beach’s Associated Students Inc. Senate has begun forming ad hoc committees to address its goals for the rest of the year, which were outlined in a recently authored policy agenda.

The goals listed in the policy agenda include increasing outreach to students and organizations, ASI’s revenue and sustainability efforts. The goals also include making student services on campus more accessible and finding ways to improve student safety on campus.

The goals were paired with individual tasks to address each issue, with each task ranked on a three-tier priority system.

The agenda policy calls for creating an ad hoc committee to investigate reducing the university’s reliability on fossil fuels, according to its text.

ASI Vice President Jonathon Bolin said that last year, San Francisco State University completely stopped using fossil fuels.

To further address legislation, the policy agenda also calls for the ASI Lobby Corps to create Legislator Scorecards. Through the scorecards, ASI hopes to increase accountability of legislators in Long Beach.

ASI Senator-At-Large Dominique Noble, who is also a member of Lobby Corps, said that the rubric ASI would use to grade local legislators has not been drafted yet, but that the California State Student Association (CSSA) has a similar scorecard to grade legislators.

Christopher Vickery, secretary of disabled student services, said he thought the goals listed in the agenda addressed ongoing issues on campus.

“[ASI is] publicly saying that these are the things we acknowledge as student leaders that are an issue on our campus, and … we are going to craft ways to address them,” Vickery said.

He said, however, that he hopes prioritizing certain groups doesn’t lead to excluding others.

“ASI Senate needs to be aware of the double-sided aspect of other things that get more representation and a higher priority than those that don’t,” he said.

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