Blotter: Domestic violence at Beachside College

A noise complaint turned into a possible domestic violence dispute at Beachside College Sunday around 2:46 a.m., University Police Lt. Richard Goodwin said.

University Police arrived on scene to find a male walking toward the front of Beachside, when officers made contact, Goodwin said.

The possibly intoxicated male would not give his girlfriend “her car keys until she gave him a ride home,” Goodwin said. The boyfriend was then taken into custody. It is unknown if charges were pressed, he said.

LBPD called for possible domestic violence dispute

Officers responded to a distraught woman Sunday at 2:21 a.m. near Palo Verde Avenue, Goodwin said.

University Police found that the woman had fought with her boyfriend earlier, Goodwin said. The Long Beach Police Department was called because there were signs of domestic violence, Goodwin said.

Suspect found with burglary tools

University Police responded to a call from the Veteran’s Administration at 9:47 p.m., about a male who had burglary tools in his possession, Goodwin said.

The suspect, who was placed under arrest by the Veteran’s Administration until University Police arrived, had a variety of tools on him such as wire cutters, rags, pliers, a screwdriver, flashlight, and other miscellaneous tools, Goodwin said.

The subject’s car was found on campus in Parking Lot 20. University Police checked the car, but there were no other burglary tools, Goodwin said.

Fire Department helps fainted student

University Police responded to a medical call about an unconscious person at the Nugget Grill and Pub on Feb. 19 at 6:30 p.m., Goodwin said.

The Long Beach Fire Department arrived to make sure the female student who fainted was okay, Goodwin said. She seemed to be fine and needed no further assistance, he said.

Male threatens students at library

A male in his 20s was advised by University Police to leave campus after threatening several students in the library on Feb. 18 at around 9:06 p.m., Goodwin said.

The man had been making loud noises and threatening students on the first floor of the library, then left the building, Goodwin said. When the subject returned, University Police were called to handle the situation, he said.

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