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California State University, Long Beach clicks refresh.

Phase one of the new CSULB website will roll out on Tuesday between 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., Andy Hoang, the associate vice president of CSULB marketing and communications said. Hoang is the head of the redesign project group of approximately 30.

“Come Wednesday morning, it should be smooth and fully functional…” Hoang said.

The CSULB website hosts over 30,000 pages, Hoang stated in an informational packet. Phase one of the project will release the redesign of four pages: the university homepage, the CSULB Shark Lab, the University Art Museum and the 49er shops page.

The homepage will auto-play videos about various people and aspects of the campus and features a simple dropdown menu of basic resources, including MyCSULB, BeachBoard and enrollment services. The university homepage will also introduce three new tabs: “Declare your…” “Discover” and “Explore.”

The Declare your… tab is designed for prospective students and community and alumni to “declare” their involvement with the campus.

Newly labeled as the Discover tab, the redesigned News at the Beach aims to tell the campus’ “stories through rich and vibrant imagery,” Hoang said in an informational packet.

The Explore tab aims to highlight the different features, programs and icons the university has to offer, such as the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden or the Walter Pyramid.

CSULB Shark Lab:

The website design team designed the Shark Lab homepage to reflect the research and fieldwork that the lab provides. The website includes tabs about past and current research as well as a tab for donations.

The design team worked closely with Dr. Christopher Lowe from the shark lab to ensure it reflected his needs. The site is complete with a new logo, designed by Hoang and Jorge Hurtado, the CSULB director of digital communications.

University Art Museum:

The UAM webpage is designed to feature permanent collections and current exhibits as well as philanthropic donations.

“The city of Long Beach is so rich in art and culture, and the University Art Museum is one of those unique destinations for culture and art,” Hoang said.

49er Shops:

Due to the high usage of the 49er webpage, the design team intended to create a balance between functionality and clean aesthetics. The page highlights frequently used resources, such as textbooks, dining services, ID cards and various 49er shops around campus. Hoang said this webpage really puts students first, as it is a site specific to student needs.

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