ASI Senate addresses desk size

Associated Students Inc. approved for a second reading a resolution that addresses the issue of desks that are too small for students who are obese, pregnant or have mobility issues.

ASI Sen. Joanna Yan developed the resolution after watching a student in class who was having a difficult time trying to use the small desks.

“I remember seeing this student,” Yan said. “He was a little larger, and he never identified himself as morbidly obese, but he wouldn’t fit into one of those grey chairs.”

Yan discussed this with Disabled Student Services and drew up the resolution in order to tackle the issue.

DSS suggested that a table and two chairs be added to classrooms that have small seats in order to accommodate students who are “morbidly obese, pregnant or experience mobility issues,” Yan said to the senate.

Not only would the resolution address individuals who cannot fit into the desks, but it would also address the limited amount of left-handed desks.

Yan said that 10 percent of the desks in each classroom on campus should be left-handed.

ASI Executive Director Richard Haller thanked Yan at the senate meeting for addressing the issue of left-handed desks. Since he is left-handed, using a right-handed desk has created some back pain.

The Senate also approved a third reading of a resolution that seeks to limit the university’s affiliation with an organization that discriminates against the LGBTQ community.

Senators continued to debate the California State University, Long Beach’s association with Chick-fil-A, and discussed whether the university should stop accepting the fast food company’s sponsorship inside the Mike and Arlene Walter Pyramid.

ASI Sen. Mona Moucharrafie said that if the university disassociates itself from Chick-fil-A, then it shouldn’t associate with organizations that practice animal cruelty when preparing their foods.

“Why don’t we get rid of El Pollo Loco?” Moucharrafie said. “I am sure they don’t produce their food animal cruelty free.”

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