TEDx at CSULB funding is approved at first reading

TEDx is a little closer to happening at California State University, Long Beach after the Associated Students, Inc. Board of Control moved the request for $40,000 to the second reading.

The BOC has amended the request to a lower price that will be determined and approved for a second reading.

Graduate student Matthew Choi represented TedxCSULB, a campus organization charged with organizing the TEDx event on campus, at the BOC meeting. The event is scheduled for April 9, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. While there is no decision on a room location yet, Choi expects an attendance of 500 or more people. TEDx will present video and live speakers.

Also on the agenda was a motion to vote on splitting a scholarship for LGBTQ+ students in half, to make it available to more students. This was the only vote at the meeting Associate Vice President of Finance Sharon Taylor voted in favor of. Taylor usually abstains from all action item votes.

“This is something I actually believe needs to happen,” Taylor said.

The BOC approved a second reading for an $8,000 request for the Association of Computing Machinery to host a Hackathon, an event that challenges competitors’ software and hardware programming skills in a competition where they build a program within 24 hours. Graduate student Michael Botsko said the association plans to rent out the entire University Student Union for 24 hours with a estimated 400 to 500 people in attendance. The agenda item request was amended from $13,000 to a price of $8,000.

In regards to Hackathon, the BOC brought up the ethics in funding an event where not all the attendees will be CSULB students. Richard Haller, Executive Director of ASI, commented on deciding how to separate CSULB students from other students during the Hackathon event.

“A student, is a student, is a student,” said Haller, as he granted a USU rental fee waiver.

Haller reminded the BOC that any agenda item requesting funds over $5,000 requires two readings before a motion to approve could be made.

The BOC approved a $400 grant from the Student Travel Fund for graduate student Adam White to attend the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. White is a member of GSA, a society for the advancement of geosciences. He will be presenting his thesis on fecal matter markers indicating a pre-historical event.

The BOC approved $465 for Delta Sigma Pi, a co-ed fraternity for business professionals to host an event that provides awareness for the changing marketplace and expectations when getting out of college. Senior finance major Matthew Woo said guest speaker Jim Dodgen will coach students on how to use psychology and social media to market themselves on LinkedIn. The event is planned for Dec. 2, at 6 p.m., in the Liberal Arts 2 building, room 151.

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