CSULB ASI Ad Hoc Committee Unanimously Vote for Executive Pay on Board Of Control

The Associated Students Inc. Board of Controls Ad Hoc Committee in their final meeting Monday unanimously voted to forward a proposal on executive pay to the Board of Control.

The ad hoc committee was tasked with addressing the issue of executive pay after it was revealed that ASI President Jose Salazar, the university’s first undocumented president, was not being paid due to paperwork technicality.

“One of our [Ad Hoc Committee] charges is to make sure we include everyone with the changes,” committee member Dale Lendrum said.

The approval of the proposal may bring Salazar’s push for scholarship-based compensation that much closer to being actualized.

The proposal includes recommendations to reclassify executive pay as a scholarship, increase the number of executive positions and address executive workload concerns.

During the meeting, committee members seemed uncertain on definitions and logistical aspects of the policy at times. There was much back and forth between members on issues related to status designation of undocumented students.

Richard Hollar acknowledged the ambiguity and said, “there is a confusion in not knowing which way it [the policy] reads.”

Moments of silence permeated the meeting, assumingly to allow members time to gather their thoughts amidst the slew of bureaucratic lingo and technicalities. In some moments members resorted to phones for exact definition.

Committee members discussed questions on the intent, interpretation and legality of the policy during the meeting. Specifically, they addressed whether the policy as written unintentionally excludes some groups of student and where the intent is to allow any student in an executive position, regardless of immigration status, to be compensated.

Questions of the legality of the policy were also raised. Given that no legal counsel was present to provide expertise, ASI Executive Director Richard Hallar assured the committee that the CSU general counsel would review the policy.

Any changes to executive pay are pending senate approval and would not take effect until the next academic school year. Board of Control will meet Tuesday to discuss the issue in the Senate Chambers in USU 234 at 3:30 p.m.

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