ASI announces new vice president, treasurer

The results of the runoff elections for the positions of next year’s ASI vice president and treasurer were announced Thursday afternoon in the ASI senate chambers.

Next year’s ASI treasurer is Gio Smith. Smith, a graduate student, won with 2,139 votes.

The position of vice president is going to Logan Vournas.  Vournas, a current ASI senator, won with 2,023 votes.

In order to win, each candidate had to receive a 50-percent majority vote.

Smith received 65.69 percent of the votes.

Vournas received 62.75 percent of the votes.

The runner up for vice president was Novy Bowman, who received 1,201votes, or 37.25 percent of votes.

Mariam Balogun was the runner up for treasurer.  She received 1,117 votes, or 34.31 percent of votes.

In total, 3,224 out of 35,731 Cal State Long Beach students cast a vote in the runoff election.

Voting for the position of ASI president is currently on hold, while the ASI judiciary committee deliberates on the appeal of disqualified presidential candidate Oscar Acevedo.

Acevedo was disqualified after the ASI Board of Election found him guilty of numerous campaign violations.  These violations included exchanging gift cards for votes, coercing students into voting for him, and tabling past the allowed time.

Acevedo appealed his disqualification to the ASI judiciary at a meeting Wednesday.

Once the judiciary announces its decision, voting for ASI president will resume.

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