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Cal State Long Beach clubs and students prepare for Week of Welcome

It’s that time of the year again.

Week of Welcome, an event sponsored by Associated Students Inc., is returning this Wednesday and Thursday in Cal State Long Beach’s central quad from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

At Week of Welcome, students can learn about the near 300 clubs that CSULB has to offer and find one that piques their interest.

Fraternities, sororities, cultural and religious organizations will put up booths and try to encourage students to sign up, participate in club events and create connections.

The hundreds of tables and tents crowded with club-oriented memorabilia and sign-up incentives may be overwhelming to new students; however, the purpose of Week of Welcome is to showcase all the extra-curricular activities CSULB has to offer.

There is a wide range of clubs at Long Beach — from CSULB Beach Cats, a club dedicated to the humane care and management of the campus cat population, to Democracy Matters, a club trying to promote democracy in our political system and on campus.

Taking place during the first few weeks of the fall semester, Week of Welcome gives students the opportunity to get involved on campus while still pursuing their personal interests. This is especially beneficial for the approximate 93 percent of students that commute and don’t spend as much time on campus as they would like to, according to the CSULB website.

In the past, Week of Welcome has been joined by KBeach radio, food trucks and dance routines performed by members of dance organizations at CSULB.

Student organizations will be giving out everything from informational flyers and pens, to snacks and candy.

Week of Welcome will be concluded with Smorgasport, an event on Sept. 2 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in CSULB’s parking lot 3, located just west of the University Student Union. Smorgasport offers students a more laid-back opportunity to meet fellow 49ers after their classes, rather than during.

Students are welcome to join for food, music and games as well as free giveaways. The event is free, but only open to CSULB students age 18 and over with a valid CSULB I.D.

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