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Cal State Long Beach Associated Students Inc. update

Here’s what you missed at this week’s Associated Students Inc. Senate meeting:

  • ASI President Marvin Flores told the senate that he was working on a campaign to increase the maximum amount of units a student can sign up for. During the first round of registration, a student can sign up for a maximum of 14 units. Flores wants to increase this initial number to 16 units.
  • Flores also told the senate he is working on a “college hour,” when no classes will be held on campus. This free hour would allow clubs to meet during the week and students to decompress. “Students can take a break without worrying about class,” Flores said.
  • Judy Lee, the marketing assistant for ASI, announced several events that will take place between September and November.
    • The Sept. 11 Memorial Day will be held Friday from noon to 1 p.m. at the University Student Union north lawn.
    • Condition for Tuition is a semester-long event where students who visit the Student Recreation and Wellness Center for 30 minutes or more will receive a point. If they accumulate 50 or more, they will be entered into a drawing for free tuition for spring 2017. “This doesn’t include additional expenses, like housing,” Lee said.
    • Aqua Zumba will be every Friday at 1:30 p.m. at the Ken Lindgren Aquatic Center.
  • The senate reopened the application for a senator-at-large position since the candidates who were nominated did not show up to prior meetings due to scheduling conflicts.
  • The senate unanimously elected Andrea Alonzo as a senator for the College of Education. Currently, Alonzo is the student ambassador to the College of Education and works as a substitute teacher for the Long Beach Unified School District. “My vision is to work well with the faculty, staff, administrators and students… and to learn how [to become] an effective leader in the college community,” Alonzo said.  
  • Logan Vournas, ASI vice president, said that the Beach Pantry was “blazing a trail for other CSUs to have their own.”

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