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CSULB Lobby Corps discusses tuition, involvement

Lobby Corps discussed the possibilities of a Cal State University systemwide tuition increase during its meeting Thursday night.

As a sub-committee of the Associated Students Inc. Senate, Lobby Corps works to make students’ voices heard in all levels of government, while encouraging students to engage in civic responsibilities such as voting. The group is also responsible for coordinating legislative lobby visits with district representatives.

Currently, Lobby Corps is coordinating a massive educational campaign to educate students, staff, faculty and administration about the proposed tuition increase for the 2017-18 school year.

With the proposed increase, undergraduate programs would see hikes of up to $270 per year, graduate credential programs would see costs up to $312 per year and graduate programs would see cost increases of up to $438 per year. The increase will be discussed at the Nov. 15-16 CSU CSU Board of Trustees meeting and voted on during the Jan. 25-27 meeting in downtown Long Beach

As of now, representatives are waiting to hear on the outcome of Proposition 55.

According to Ballotpedia, if passed, Proposition 55 would extend the personal income tax increases on incomes over $250,000 in order to fund education and healthcare.

The organization is also coordinating voter registration drives.

Dale Lendrum, secretary for the system-wide affair, said that Lobby Corps partnered with the New Voters Project and registered over 500 students to be able to vote in the November election.

The two groups are also working to educate students about the various state propositions and ballot measures up for vote in November.

Funded by ASI, the organization consists of 11 voting members: ASI secretary for system wide affairs, ASI secretary of city affairs, ASI vice president, three ASI Senators, four students-at-large and an administrative vice president of legislative and external relations.

Lobby Corps also interviews and approves applications for the annual California Higher Education Student Summits.

Each year, Lobby Corps provide opportunities for over 20 students to attend CHESS and lobby in Sacramento on behalf of Cal State University students, according to Lendrum.

There are currently two vacant student-at-large positions open. Students interested in joining Lobby Corps can apply through BeachSync or visit the University Student Union room 311 for more information.

Students wishing to apply for CHESS can go through BeachSync beginning tomorrow by going to BeachSync and searching for “CHESS” to fill out the application. The application is due by 4 p.m. on Nov. 18.

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