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White Nationalist group posts unauthorized flyers on CSULB campus

Cal State Long Beach Provost Brian Jersky emailed the campus community Thursday morning to inform students of a series of flyers that have been posted by white nationalist group Identity Evropa.

“Our commitment to free speech means we will tolerate a wide array of viewpoints and belief systems. We are a resilient community. We know that freedom is protected by more speech backed by rational argument,” Jersky said in the email.

Identity Evropa posted the flyers at the University Library and several other buildings on campus.

The group’s objective, according to their website, is to preserve their European ancestry and further prevent their “dispossession” from the diversity they live in.

The flyers included pictures of statues of Julius Caesar and Hercules with phrases such as “Serve Your People” and “Protect Your Heritage.” Images of the posters were also posted on the CSULB Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Facebook page.

Posters from the nationalist group were taken down early in the morning but were up long enough to be posted online for the community to see.

These posters were also seen on other college campuses in different parts of the nation. Inside Higher Ed reports the University of Indiana has also received flyers and emails posted by white supremacist groups. Both CSULB and the University of Indiana have taken down flyers and sent emails to those who attend, teach and work on campus of the incidents.

The flyers are meant to advertise our organization and attract interested applicants,” Reinhard Wolff from Identity Evropa said in an email. “Additionally, they serve the purpose of letting the world – in particular, Leftist academia – know that we will not allow our ideas to be silenced, censored, or violently suppressed, as has been the case lately (e.g. UC Berkeley).” said Reinhard Wolff from Identity Evropa.

To support students and staff, Jersky has also provided links in the campus-wide email to the Office of Equity and Diversity and Student Life and Development for those who wish to report any intimidating or discriminatory material.

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    Gabriel J. Gardner

    Note: there is no “University of Indiana”. The school’s name is Indiana University. This is basic fact-checking stuff…

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