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KBEACH wins national recognition for innovative broadcasting

Recognition in media reaches out to the innovative: from the seasoned professionals to the up-and-coming personalities. KBEACH 88.1 FM, the Cal State Long Beach radio station, has earned their recognition on a national level.

The station received first place for best specialty show and was a finalist for best talk program and most creative show in the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards. In addition, College Beach TV was a finalist for best comedy show.

The IBS awards is an annual ceremony dedicated to recognizing entertaining and innovative college radio stations in the country. The awards were this Saturday in New York, New York.

“These awards recognize student excellence,” said Danny Lemos, Associated Students, Inc. media coordinator, in a press release. “To be selected in the top five among 600 other universities and colleges and 100 high schools is nothing short of amazing. The students are proud to be acknowledged nationally.”

KBEACH was founded in 2007 through an agreement between the owners KJAZZ 88.1FM and CSULB. KBEACH then operated under Associated Students Inc. to provide broadcast radio to the local campus community. All of the programs are under the control of student broadcasters, many of which are studying broadcast for their future careers.

Colleges from all around the nation were nominated for awards including best on-air personality, best morning show, best newscast, best public service announcement, best podcast and best various sports broadcasts.

“They’re like the Emmys for college radio,” said Fernando Avila, the general manager for KBEACH.

Avila is the co-creator and producer for “Good Morning Long Beach State,” which was a finalist in the awards for its creative programming.

Avila describes the show as a new style every day as one of the five hosts discusses different topics from 8 – 9 a.m. with a different genre of music playing each day.

“Topic-wise, we cover just about anything and everything,” Avila said.

Hosts on “Good Morning Long Beach State” discuss different topics throughout the week: current events on campus, conversations on hip-hop, video game news and updates on different genres of music depending on the host on air.

Food-ology Radio won first place for best specialty show. The four-host talk show focuses on informing the campus community on nutrition and general well-being through panel discussions with guest speakers.

Three of the show’s hosts, Suzette Aguirre, Dayana Enriquez and Brittany Wruck, attended the awards this weekend.

“I’m particularly proud of the students who entered and represented themselves,” said Lemos. “Some KBEACH volunteers went to New York on their own dime for the awards ceremony — that’s outstanding, that’s commitment. And they’re extremely happy to have won.”


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    Danny Lemos

    In addition… Kbeach was founded in 1999, the FM station was added in 2013.

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    Danny Lemos

    To be accurate, Kbeach is 88.1 FM HD3.

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