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Crime Blotter – Evacuation, swastikas and joyrides

Fire alarm set off by dust

The fire alarm went off in Cal State University Long Beach’s kinesiology building around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Students and faculty quickly evacuated the building and gathered on the campus grounds nearby while the matter was investigated.

“No one sent an email saying there was going to be a drill,” said Greg Bunton, the equipment technician for the kinesiology building. “I thought it might have been kids pulling the alarm at first.”

There was no visible smoke or flames and after looking into the matter, the University Police Department determined that dust in the east gym air vents had set off the alarm. Facilities staff were notified to clean them out and turn off the alarm. Once the alarms were turned off, students and faculty went back to their classes.

“Everybody evacuated just as we’ve drilled before,” Bunton said. “I will definitely give the faculty and staff lots of kudos for that.”  

Anti-semitic flyers posted at USU

Flyers containing the anti-semitic message: “No K***s, No Problems. Aryan Underground” and featuring a swastika were discovered on Monday evening. At least two were discovered at the University Student Union, in the area of the Wells Fargo bank branch and the police substation.

Dave Wagner, the evidence controller for the UPD, stated that the matter was under investigation and the incident has been filed as a criminal threat. The flyers were quickly removed and are being analyzed by police, along with security camera footage.

Bike thieves caught and arrested

Two suspects were arrested for bicycle theft at Parkside commons near building Q on Sunday night. According to Wagner, assistance from college residents was crucial in making the arrests.

“The good thing is that people are made more aware, and so we’re getting a great deal of public assistance,” Wagner said. “People are keeping their eyes open, so they’ll give us a call and we’ll respond. If we’re lucky, we can catch them.”  

Joyriders at the Pyramid arrested

Several subjects were arrested for theft of state property around 2 a.m. on Saturday night. The objects stolen were electric carts that faculty use to travel around campus which had been “rigged” so they could be driven. According to Wagner, the suspects were having fun joyriding in the carts at the time they were caught.

“I’ve been here since 1973, and it’s an ongoing issue,” Wagner said. “Happens all the time. Just another Saturday night at CSULB.”

More vandalism in parking structure 2

Graffiti reading “DEB” was written in black spray paint on the northwest side of Parking structure 2 on Wednesday. Police responded to the call and notified maintenance, who have since removed the vandalism.

More anti-semitism in bathroom stall

Police responded to a report that someone had written an anti-semitic message on the inside of a men’s bathroom stall in the USU on Wednesday afternoon. The comment was written in chalk and subsequently erased.

“The [bathroom chalkboards] were installed decades ago because students would write on the walls,” Wagner said. “So, it was decided to give them something else that would be easier to clean up.”

Off-campus rape reported

A female student reported Wednesday a rape that had occurred off campus. The victim stated she did not want to pursue prosecution and has been availed to resources at CSULB. Other than confirming that an investigation was underway, Wagner would not comment further on the status of the case.

“In circumstances like this, there’s always the victim, and we have to take into consideration that person’s wishes,” Wagner said. “We do everything we possibly can to help that student.”

Stalking reported near Liberal Arts

A female student reported a case of stalking that occurred near Liberal Arts 4 on the evening of March 7. The suspect was reported as making comments about the female student’s hair and had followed her to at least two classes.

A description of the suspect was taken, and Wagner said that the investigation is ongoing.

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