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Health Services encourages students to be vigilant during Spring Break

The  Safe Spring Break event on Wednesday, sponsored by Student Health Services, focused on alternative options to alcohol and drug use for students during the upcoming vacation.  

Utilizing giveaways, games and educational literature, SHS addressed the range of health challenges students face in navigating through college life and managing peer pressure. Three booths distributed along an array of gifts and offered games that reinforced the message.

The main objective of the event was to increase alcohol and drug awareness and promote a range of health services for students and encourage safe alternatives for students to celebrate their Spring Break.

“Students receive services without insurance or a co-pay,” Allison Borwell, a staff member in SHS, said. “I see a need and enjoy helping people.”  

The staff exhibited focused outreach efforts in helping students face and overcome peer pressure.

The Health Resource Center was also at the event to make students aware of the STI testing and free reproductive services they offer.

SHS reminded students to take action in precarious situations by using intervention methods inherent in the organization’s mission statement by using the three D’s  (Delegate, Distract and Direct) to help students escape possible harm due to excessive drinking or drug consumption.

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