ASI Senate reports infrastructure fixes

Over the next few months, Cal State Long Beach students will start to see a series of renovations aimed at upping the structural integrity and appearance of a number of buildings across campus.

Senate President’s Designee Jeff Klaus said during the closing minutes of the Associated Students, Inc. Senate meeting Wednesday that he and Vice President of Administration and Finance Mary Stephens are collaborating to update the lactation rooms on campus. He said that $28,000 will be allocated toward the five rooms that are located in all three floors in Brotman Hall, the first floor in the University Student Union and the Education-1 building.

Klaus also acknowledged Senator-at-large and president-elect Daniel Gomez for his efforts in encouraging the library to make a family-friendly study area.

The senate was also thrilled about the renovation plans for the Fine Arts buildings. College of the Arts senator Sofia Musman told the Senate of her meeting with her dean Cyrus Parker-Jeannette.

Musman said the FA3 and FA4 buildings are scheduled to be fully renovated by the 2018-19 academic year. Along with the installation of a new air conditioning system and placement of new ceiling tiles, the buildings will be gaining four large spaces for a computer lab, a classroom and a film studio.

“They’re listening to us,” Musman said. “That’s pretty cool.”

The renovations didn’t stop there.

College of Health and Human Services senator and vice president-elect Joe Nino shared with  the senate the repairs and updates done to the Kinesiology building.

“A lot of the buildings I complained about last semester were renovated into smart rooms,” said Nino. “The rooms used to have chalkboards, and now they have whiteboards and a new projector. Also, the ceiling was fixed.”

Senators also talked about repairing the food science labs in the Family and Consumer Service building.

Nino reported about oil build up and dust in the vents of the FCS building.

The ASI Senate also passed two senate resolutions that would create Jewish and Muslim ally training for their second reading.

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