Crime Blotter: Grand theft auto, a returned laptop and stolen desktop

Battery in engineering building

A male student reported to the University Police Department that he was physically attacked at the Engineering and Computer Sciences building on Friday evening. He reported being kicked in the side and verbally assaulted by another student; however, the victim also said that he did not want to press charges.

“This case is strange in that the person that had this happen to them, reported to us, then said ‘I don’t want anything done about it, I just want to let you know,’” said Lieutenant Richard Goodwin of UPD.

Goodwin also said that it was likely that the two students had been involved in some kind altercation before the incident, but could not speak further about a case under investigation.

Bike theft interrupted at Beachside

A student at the off-campus Beachside dorms called UPD to report witnessing a suspect attempting to steal a bicycle on Thursday night. The student reported that a black male with a shaved head and wearing a red hoodie was cutting the lock securing a bicycle at the bike racks.

When officers from UPD arrived at the scene, the suspect could not be found and the bike had not been stolen.

Grand theft auto off of Atherton

A female student called UPD to assist in finding her parked car on Thursday night. After searching parking lot 14A, where she had left the car, as well as nearby lots, officers could not find the vehicle and declared it stolen. Parking lot 14A is the lot nearest to Atherton Street next to the Cal State Long Beach recycling center and the Parkside dorms.

The missing vehicle was described as a 2008 Honda with license plate number 6CTW277.

“What we see happen more often than not is that a vehicle is recovered within 30 days,” Goodwin said. “However, many times when a vehicle is recovered it’s stripped, burned or otherwise. Chances are not that likely that a vehicle stolen from here is sold whole and complete, usually they’re taking the parts.”

Motorcycle helmet stolen

A male student reported that his helmet had been stolen off of his motorcycle in parking structure 1 on Thursday. Parking structure 1 is the structure next to the track and field on lower campus. The stolen helmet was a matte black Shoei X14 model motorcycle helmet valued around $900 and had been secured to the vehicle with a chain. The student had left his vehicle at 11 a.m. and returned to find it missing only a few hours later.

Laptop reported missing returned to student

A female student who reported to UPD that her laptop was missing on Thursday had it returned to her later that day. The student had left her laptop in the first floor women’s restroom of the Liberal Arts 5 building before realizing it was missing half an hour later. Dana Hooten, the director of Pre-Baccalaureate Advising Support Services in the Liberal Arts building, was able to recover the laptop and return it to the student.

According to Hooten, the laptop was discovered by custodial staff who then turned it into her office. She then posted a note about the discovered laptop in the bathroom so that the student was able to know that their property had been found and get in contact with her to recover it.

Desktop computer stolen from Fine Arts building

A silver Apple desktop computer was reported as stolen from Fine Arts 3 on April 18. It was a 2008 model desktop with a 27 inch screen and the theft was reported as occurring between 8 and 9 the evening. Goodwin could not speculate how such a large object was taken from the Fine Arts building without being noticed.

Purse stolen from Fine Arts building

A female student reported to UPD that her purse was stolen from a locker located inside the hallway of Fine Arts 2 on the afternoon of April 18. The locker was located near room 108 and the student reported that she had only left the purse unattended for about an hour in the afternoon.

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