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CSULB President upholds campus’ commitment to curbing climate change

President Jane Close Conoley announced Tuesday via mass email that Cal State Long Beach will continue to fight climate change despite President Donald Trump’s  withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord last week.

“The trajectory we are currently on has us improving climate outcomes by reducing our own global footprint,” Conoley said. “Aligning a healthy climate with a robust economy is within reach if we act quickly.”

The college joined over 200 other campuses, including most of the California State University system, in signing the “American Campuses Act on Climate Pledge.”

Pledged colleges are working to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from their campuses, all while integrating environmental research and courses on sustainability and courses into their curriculum.

The college constructed a roadmap shortly before pledging, which aims to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The plan balances both the college’s finances and environment, said Terri Carbaugh, associate vice president for legislative and external relations.

Some ongoing tactics to reduce campus energy use include putting LED lighting in parking structures, upgrading rooftop air conditioning units and using solar power systems in three buildings.

CSULB is among 17 California State Universities pledged.

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