DACA resolution promised at ASI meeting

Associated Students, Inc. is quickly getting back to work second week of the semester.

It’s only the second meeting of the fall semester and new student government positions have been appointed, chair reports conducted and comments about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals were held.  

Roll was taken at ASI senate meeting Wednesday Sept. 6 and began with Christian Lozano, assistant director of multicultural affairs, addressing DACA, sharing a quote regarding perseverance and fear.

“One has to have courage to wake up every day and to show up,” Lozano said. “I ask you all to take action to be allies to our students who are most vulnerable.”

ASI President Joe Nino also spoke out in regards to DACA. ASI is being proactive as possible he said.

Students are working with Academic Senate to write a resolution in support of DACA and are being presented tomorrow.  

Nino also publically thanked Yasmin Elasmar and Gabby Hernandez, members of ASI’s Social Justice and Equity Committee for helping students within the undocumented community. The SJEC is a California State Student Association council which “undertakes progressive efforts to promote social justice and equity multiculturalism through education, communication and action on the local and system levels,” according to their website.

ASI Treasurer Johnathan Wanless shared reports regarding travel grants and research funds for the semester.

Travel grants had $12,500 and now have $7,976 and research funds were at $25,000 for the semester and now $23,000 are left.

The next senate meeting will be held on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in room USU 234.

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