DACA students at CSULB are subject of focus at ASI meeting

Last week’s Associated Student Inc. meeting began with a quote read by Sylvana Cicero, director of university student union, in regard to the rescission of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and its impact on the Cal State Long Beach campus community.

“To make great dreams come true, the first requirement is a great capacity to dream, the second is persistence,” Cicero said, reading a quote from Cesar Chavez. She went on to reach out to the campus at large regarding the termination of DACA.

“This has been a difficult semester for our students,” Cicero said. “As we stand with our undocumented Long Beach State family, we must remember we are all dreamers.”

Genesis Jara, chief government relations officer, spoke to senate about upcoming events in support of undocumented students.

After death threats were made on facebook and anti-semitic fliers were posted outside of the Multicultural center last weekend, La Raza Student Association expressed their concerns. The group has been outspoken over the DACA repeal and the school’s handling of the recension, and in response have offered aid to undocumented students in the community at their resource center.

“Nazi fliers were posted around the multicultural center,” Sofia Musman, vice president of ASI, said. “Time is ticking to protect DACA students against hate crimes and violence at the Beach.”

Musman wanted to remind senators that they do not support the act of hate crimes on campus. According to President Jane Close Conoley in an email sent en masse to students, faculty and staff, the death threats are under investigation, and if they persist FBI and University Police will take action.

“Each incident reflecting intolerance and hate is being reported to the FBI and is receiving priority attention from university police,” Conoley said in her email.

During the meeting, Cicero urged ASI to be advocates of positive change in society.  

“As student leaders living in this political climate, it is your continued advocacy today, tomorrow and always that will change our society for the better,” Cicero said.

A new LGBTQ Affairs commissioner was also sworn in at the meeting.

To create awareness of the LGBTQ community on campus, Sean Aquino had an agenda consisting of three different premises including publicizing, advertising and establishing.

“My first objective if elected would be to unite and empower the LGBTQ community on campus through long term initiatives to earn trust amongst students,” Aquino said.

More DACA programs are promised with upcoming senate meetings. ASI will meet Wednesday to further address students’ concerns on campus.

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