Crime on campus continues while death threats arise

Criminal threat – At 3 p.m. on Sep. 15, the Cal State Long Beach University Police Department responded to a series of fire alarm pull station activations made near the Child Development Center. A police detective found this particular instance to be related to previous ones. The detective located the suspicious suspect, Maya Allen, rummaging through an office when arriving on scene. The detective was able to identify her from a previous arrest. She fled the scene after refusing to comply with lawful orders. After attempting to stab and hit the detective with an unknown weapon, additional police backup arrived. Allen was caught, taken into custody and booked for her second criminal offense on campus.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed formal criminal charges against Allen on Sep. 19, including assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism. No children were reported to be in any immediate danger during this chase.  

According to UPD, last May, Allen was accused of stealing a Macbook laptop from a student during the Campus Library’s 24-hour operation. The theft was captured on video and Allen was identified, according to the UPD website.

Death threats– CSULB club La Raza Student Association fell victim to a multitude of serious threats and racial discrimination at 11 a.m. on Sep. 17. The threat was posted on a Facebook account page belonging to the student organization. This case is currently under active investigation whereas any further details cannot be released.

Traffic accident – A traffic collision between two university vehicles occurred at 11:45 a.m. on Sep. 19. A Facilities Management vehicle collided with an unoccupied UPD vehicle parked in the rear units of the UPD station lot. There was minor body damage sustained to the police vehicle and no injuries were reported.

Smoking vehicle – Police responded to a smoking vehicle at 10 a.m. on Sep. 20 inside Parking Structure 2. The car released heavy amounts of smoke from the engine compartment of the vehicle. The car was reported to have been overheating. AAA was called to assist the driver in towing of his vehicle.

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