ASI senate meeting discusses a potential football team, La Raza and new parking accommodations

The Associated Students Inc. meeting began with a moment of silence for victims of the Las Vegas massacre and Cal State Long Beach Student, Estephan Hernandez, who died during a drive-by shooting in Compton last Thursday.

Football team on campus

Today a proposal was drafted by ASI Senator-at-large Alex Trimm, to create a committee in support of a possible football team. After the topic was open for discussion the senate took a vote, and the resolution for the football team failed 7-9-4.

This proposal would cost students between $80 to $100 in student fees.

“I would love to fund more education opportunities and facilities, but there’s no public support for that,” Trimm said. “The main thing is the price of this pales in comparison to the price we would need to have for educational costs.”

According to Trimm, the proposal for a football team has public support at the university and would be a landmark on campus if implemented.

ASI Senator-at-large Danielle Carancho voiced her concerns and asked why students would be responsible for funding the football team instead of the athletics department. Senator of Health and Human Services Leen Almahdi argued that students already suffer high tuition costs.

“I think that a football team is not what students need right now with the tuition increase,” she said.

La Raza

Fernando Solorzano, chief of police at the University Police Department, provided an update about death threats made to La Raza Student Association and clarified any confusion whether the threats were considered an act of free speech or deemed criminal by UPD.

“I want to be sure that all of you know that this wasn’t a matter of free speech,” Solorzano said. “These were some very strong words and instilled fear in some of our victims and it’s something that I don’t take lightly at all.”

The police have identified the victims who were threatened and have found a person of interest. The situation is still under investigation.

Updates on parking

Parking and Transportation plans to add 20 electric car charging stations, which will allow up to 40 vehicles to be charged at once. Currently there are only three. There will be no time constraint for the charging parking spaces after 10 a.m., and they will be free for the first six months after completion.

New signage in parking lots is expected to unveil in January. Signs will be posted with the letter G for students, and E for employee lots. Levels in parking structures will also be color coded to help students find their parked cars.

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