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Hit and run incidents, vending machine vandals and restraining orders

Vending machine break-in: University Police were called to the courtyard of the nursing building Jan. 21 to investigate two vending machines that had been broken into. Upon arrival, police discovered the damage sustained by the machines inhibited the purchasing of Coca-Cola drinks. The remaining product was taken into custody; the situation is still under investigation with no current suspects.

Campus cart disappears without a trace: On Jan. 22, officers received a call concerning a missing campus cart belonging to the Physical Education department. After being removed from the area surrounding the Social Sciences/Public Administration buildings, the cart was not returned to its original location. A report was filed with no suspect information.

Suspicious persons served restraining order: A call reporting the presence of a suspicious persons in the library was made Jan. 24 at 5:45 p.m. The suspect was the subject of a restraining order, but hadn’t been “officially” served. Officers issued the order and removed the person from the area.

Forgery Attempt: Upon entering the campus Wells Fargo bank Jan. 25, a woman attempted to cash a forged check. Police were called, but the suspect fled the scene before they arrived. The case is still under investigation.  

Hit and-run misdemeanor: University Police received a report Jan. 24 regarding damage done to a vehicle in a hit-and-run incident. The vehicle that was struck had left with damages that include dents and paint transfer. Though there is no suspect at the time, a report was filed.

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