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Survey at CSULB for eventual new dorms offers big incentives

The housing department at Cal State Long Beach has launched a campus-wide survey that will include a range of incentives, with free tuition as the grand prize.

The survey began on Feb. 1 and will close Feb. 12. Thirteen prizes will be awarded each day. Some of the prizes include a set of Studio Beats by Dr. Dre, an Apple Watch and a free year-long Netflix subscription.

The survey was released in order to gather information on which buildings need structural or cosmetic improvements, and what price rates would be fair for dorming students.

The Daily 49er reported last fall that the university is currently working on expanding campus housing by adding 900 beds and new buildings in the future.

“There is good data that students who live at campus are more likely to be successful,” said Cory Colonna, executive director of housing. “We are not committed in building anything yet because we still have to do a couple studies. The first one is this market study survey going on right now.”

Housing contracted a company called Brailsford & Dunlavey to help them conduct the survey. The campus looks to reach over 4,000 respondents from people both living on and off-campus.

“It is so important to us to get as much student participation as possible,” Colonna said. “We want to get it right.”

Last December, Brailsford & Dunlavey conducted focus groups to discuss the state of on-campus living with Associated Students Inc. leaders, housing leaders and some housing administrators.

The second component of the market research strategy will consist of what Colonna called intercept interviews which is where students will be asked questions similar to those on the online survey.

Students will be asked about which amenities they would prefer in a housing unit, what kind of living unit preferences they have and how much are they willing to pay for rent.

Colonna said he wants living on campus to feel like home for residents.

“I think we are missing [better options],” Colonna said. “We don’t have much common space. We want some diversity. We’d like to have a dedicated recreation space for housing students where they can study and relax. We want our residence halls to be warm and welcoming.”

Christopher Fernandez, a senior biology major who lives on campus, said prizes do provide incentive for students to help with the survey.

“I think it is a good idea overall they ask students,” Fernandez said. “It takes like 10 minutes to do but it is great they have prizes, they look awesome. Although free tuition doesn’t apply to me…it sounds like a great opportunity.”

Some students noted that they appreciate being asked about how much they are willing to pay and under what conditions they want to live.

“It is great they give us choices,” said Karla Jacinto, junior criminal justice student. “Everyone prefers different rooms and different prices, our opinion as students is important. I’ll probably get around to the survey at some point during the week.”

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