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Beachboard switches LB logo to CSULB

Students logging onto Beachboard may have noticed a small change in the website’s interface last week.

Academic technology services replaced the “LB” with “CSULB” logo in the top left corner of the website March 5, bolding the last two letters of the acronym, CSULB. The Long Beach State modified old-English “LB” that was replaced has typically represented the athletics department, while the other personifies the university’s academia.

While this is a subtle change, it remains as the newest chapter in the conversation about Cal State Long Beach’s dual identity — and the perceived tendency to seesaw between the two.

Andy Hoang, associate vice president of marketing and communications, told the Daily 49er through email that he wasn’t aware of the logo change at the time of the switch.

The university’s recent rehash of branding and name discrepancies stemmed from a special order discussed in Sept. 7 of last year at an academic senate meeting that allowed for the interchangeability of CSULB and LBSU, though the latter is primarily used for marketing campaigns. The LBSU logo, though its usage aligns primarily with athletics, works better with the university’s #NoBarriers campaign, according to President Jane Close Conoley.

Nevertheless, CSULB is still used for official documents and the website, and there are no plans to change the name, according to the meeting’s minutes.

“Both logos are approved for campus use,” said Shawna Dark, associate vice president of academic technology. “The official name for our campus is CSULB.”

For some students, other changes such as the different course backgrounds eclipsed the logo change.

“With the yellow color [on the old logo] it was easier to see it, but I don’t think it’s that noticeable of a change,” said Sherani Perera, english-education major. “I noticed the other changes to BeachBoard, but that wasn’t one that I saw.”

Sarah Amaral contributed to this article.

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