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CSULB geography professor dies at 51

It was announced Tuesday in an email to faculty and students of the geography department that Cal State Long Beach professor, Tom Frazier, died last weekend at 51 years old.

After teaching at CSULB for 16 years, Frazier was well-known not only by his department, but by the campus community for his charismatic personality and ability to relate and create long-standing connections with his students.

He had taught within the Geography Department at Cal State Long Beach since 2002, and in the International Studies Department since 2007.  

Even though I only had him for one semester, Professor Frazier left such a positive impact on me. He turned a GE course into one I truly cared about with the enthusiasm and passion he brought to every class,” said Ryan Huey, a third year computer science major.  “It brought me joy watching a professor teach a subject he truly loved. Rest in peace Professor Frazier, you will be missed.”

According to Beth Moody, administrative support coordinator for the department, he passed away quietly in his Long Beach home over the weekend.

“Tom was a bright and positive personality in the geography family,” an email authored by Geography Department said. “He will be greatly missed.”

Frazier lectured on urban and political geography and international development throughout Europe and North America. After receiving his master’s in geography at CSULB, he went on to the Geographic Institute of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany for his doctoral studies.

Students took to Reddit in order to share their condolences.  

I had him for [geography] 120, it was a class that I took simply to cover a requirement, and through his positivity and energy it became one of my favorite general education classes to attend,” said Alex Rodriguez, alumni computer engineering major. “Thanks for everything, professor.”

Frazier is also is remembered for contributing personal pieces of the Berlin Wall to the University Art Museum that came from his time living in Munich, Germany during the fall.   

Students that would like to pay their respects to Frazier’s family are encouraged to write letters which will be accepted at the geography office and delivered to his family directly.  

A memorial service for students, faculty and staff will take place Thursday, March 22. Further details will be posted to the Geography Department’s website.  

This story has been updated with the correct spelling of Frazier’s last name in the third paragraph. 

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